RESULTS – 80s for the Ladies 11/18/17



From the Oakland Metro Operahouse, commentary by Wonder Dave and Link to the Future Anton Voorhees

Music by half the Hoodslam band (brett and o’shea) plus half of Oinga Boinga (Mary Jane Lawless and Donki Show) and then also this guy Tom we know.

Referees Guido and Wiggles

  1. Big Poppa Smurf defeated Gargamel
  2. Like a Virgin Madonna and Alice Cooper defeated Doc Brown and Mart McFly with the brothers of destruction double chokeslam and pin from when kane and undertaker fought Austin in 98.  I wanna say it was at judgement day?
  3. Rocky Bat-boa defeated Teen Wolf
  4. Team Lethal Weapon Riggs and Murtaugh defeated John McClane and Swayze from Roadhouse… what was his name?  Like, “dutch” or something?
  5. Ric Flairish defeated Macho Man Randy Savagery
  6. Rainbow Bright defeated Keifer Sutherland from Lost Boys


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