Just two short days until Hoodslam and ARNOCORPS: GET YOUR ASS TO MARCH! And just added to Friday’s mega ballsy event: A special ARNOCORPS rendition of “California Uber Alles” with original Dead Kennedy’s frontman JELLO BIAFRA! Shit’s gonna be real.

Fucking ARNOCORPS. Fucking Hoodslam. The fuck more you wanna know?

Here’s extra anyway!

Musics will be performed by the AustroCalifornian Rock Machine ensemble known as ARNOCORPS! They’ll do multiple sets throughout the evening. Graf Halzfeuer has even accepted the esteem position of Co Commentator for the evening alongside Broseph Joe Brody!

Golden Gig Championship
James C defends v. ‘Ultra Girl’ Brittany Wonder

To Unify the Best Athlete in the Bay Golden Fannypacks
Pissed Off Nerdy Gamer PONG v. Hero of Highrule LINK

The Stoner Bros have issued an open challenge to any THREE teams.

FORMER Golden Gig Champion Juiced Lee has silently vowed to make an impact

The man who will challenge for the Golden Gig at Entertania V, DRUGZ BUNNY!

A few ARNO-centric surprises are in store!

ALSO: Jesus KruzE! Bat Manuel! DARK Sheik! Christina Von Eerie! The Knights of the Roxbury Johnny “Drinko” Butabi and Anthony Riv Butabi! Cereal Man! The Top of the SkyDreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup Tournament Winner “Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra! More folks too!


Check THIS out: Hoodslam is in the friggin' The Huffington Post and The New York Times!

The accidental phenomenon is item number 8 on The Huffington Post’s “21 things you must do in the San Francisco Bay Area.” There’s also a shout-out to our good friends at Tourettes Without Regrets!


From Maxim.com to Al Jazeera…Vice and LA times…now The New York Times! There’s a brand new slideshow on The New York Times featuring Hoodslam!

Hoodslam FEMMED OUT: Drag Me to Hell Highlights

We all dress up like girls. Because its fun. While WWE says “loser wears a dress for 30 days”, we say “WINNERS WEAR A DRESS WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT”.

Thank you Mark Johnston for making the video.

10993125_844965505540473_899973997379865700_nYou can see even more of these beautiful ladies in the Hoodslam – Femmed Out: Drag Me To Hell album.

Hoodslam on Maxim's homepage


Yesterday, Maxim featured Al Jazeera’s incredible short film on Hoodslam on their homepage. You can read all the nice things they said about us and watch the short film here: The Most Beautiful Underground Wrestling Documentary You’ll See All Day

With colorful characters like El Chupacabra, DrugzBunny (a cocaine addicted eighties hustler), the Dark Sheik, and Link (as in the main character of the video game series Zelda), Hoodslam is as cool as underground wrestling gets.

HOODSLAM: Winter is Squirting Highlights

Get a parka and the morning after pill, and get ready because… Winter is Squirting.

Hoodslam: Femmed Out – Drag me to Hell

It’s Hoodslam’s first drag show. It’s Brian Kendrick vs. Juiced Lee for the Golden Gig. It’s determining who will challenge for the Golden Gig at EnterTania in April, our biggest show of the year. And, it’s the in-ring return of Drugz Bunny!

Miss this show, and you are truly fucked. And not in the good way.

Hoodslam: FEMMED OUT – Drag Me To Hell • Friday, February 6 • Oakland Metro Operahouse (630 Third Street in Oakland, CA) • Doors at 8:00pm, show at 9:00pm • 21 and over • $20 at the door ($5 off if our special guest judges declare you “Femmed Out”) • Full bar • Live music from Oinga Boinga • Special guest performance from The Cat Sweet • DON’T BRING YOUR FUCKING KIDS!

ArnoCorps at Oakland’s Hoodslam!


We’re 16 days away from Hoodslam: FEMMED OUT – Drag Me to Hell at the Oakland Metro Operahouse, ‪#‎Hoodslam‬‘s first-ever drag show. Get all those event details right here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1608503219371862/

But just announced for the following show on Friday, March 6…a tandem so powerful, the entire surface of the earth may ignite:

ArnoCorps is performing at Hoodslam! 2015 is just getting started. ‪#‎FTF‬

Hoodslam: Femmed Out February 6th


Three weeks from tonight, you will see @hoodslam in a way you’ve never seen it before. ‪#‎FemmedOut‬ ‪#‎FTF‬ ‪#‎FTFemmedOut‬

Hoodslam: Femmed Out – Drag Me to Hell • Friday, February 6 • Oakland Metro Operahouse (630 Third Street in Oakland, CA) • Doors at 8:00pm, show at 9:00pm • $20 at the door ($5 off if our guest judges at the door deem you “FEMMED OUT”) • 21 and over • Full bar • Live band • DON’T BRING YOUR FUCKING KIDS!

The road to EnterTania drags on…

Hoodslam FEMMED OUT: Drag Me to Hell


There seems to be some confusion about the terms of the discounted price of admission at Hoodslam: Femmed Out – Drag Me to Hell on Friday, February 6, so, listen up…

In case drunk-ass El Flaco Loco messed it up while Broseph Joe Brody was prepping for his match at Hoodslam: Winter is Squirting, here are the rules for guys and gals to get the discount at our next show: if you wanna knock five bucks off the price of admission, you gotta show up to the Oakland Metro Operahouse “femmed out,” regardless if you identify as male or female. We’re talking clothes, hair, make-up…the whole nine yards. Read more »

Hoodslam: Winter is Squirting Results Friday, January 2


Hoodslam: Winter is Squirting Results
Friday, January 2
Oakland, Calif. at the Oakland Metro Opera House

Paid attendance was 860. In lieu of the Hoodslam Band’s absence, the guest band was Vaginal Tap. Live commentary by “Broseph” Joe Brody (WWE Tough Enough’s A.J. Kirsch), the former mayor of Hoodslam El Flaco Loco, and celebrating his recent corporate sponsorship, Doc Atrocity referred to himself as Doc McTrocity. Read more »

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