Top of the SkyDreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup


“The Top of the SkyDreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup is a point based tournament beginning in July and spanning multiple events, ending September 5th at the Oakland Metro Operahouse.

10 competitors will be split into two groups:

Block A : El Chupacabra, Anthony Butabi, Drugz Bunny, Virgil Flynn III, & Link

Block 1 : Brian Kendrick, DARK Sheik, James C, Jonathon Butabi & Ryu

All competitors will fight each other within their own groups.

July 4th Results July 18th Results
The Brian Kendrick beat Shiek The Brian Kendrick beat James
Jonathon Butabi beat James Antony Butabi beat Virgil Flyn III
Drugz Bunny beat Anthony Butabi Link and El Chupacabra had a draw
  Jonathon Butabi beat Ryu

Upcoming Events

  • July 27th Secret Fanclub Show
  • August 1st Oakland Metro
  • August 23rd TBA
  • Sept 5th Oakland Metro

FRIDAY July 18th at Boyz N The Hoodslam “Top of the Skydreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup”









Boyz N the Hoodslam 4, July 18, 2014

Boyz N the Hoodslam 4
3RD FRIDAY JULY 18TH at Oakland Metro Operahouse
$10 cover, 21 & up, dontbringyourfnkids, follow Hoodslam on twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, off a cliff.

“Knowing nothing in life but to be legit…”

Four matches have been announced, all part of the Top of the SkyDreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup!

El Chupacabra v “Hero of Highrule” Link

Virgil Flynn III v “Knight of the Roxbury” Anthony Butabi

Ryu v Jonathon Butabi

THE Brian Kendrick v James C w/Stoney Montana


The summer keeps heating up, and Hoodslam rises with the mercury. Once more, you lucky souls get double the Hoodslam, DOUBLE THE FUN(K). Details, as always, are being made up on the fly. ONE THING IS FOR SURE…wait, hold on…TWO THINGS ARE FOR SURE!

THING ONE – This show will be a critical turning point in the “Top of the Sky Dreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup”…whatever that is. I mean, most of the roster doesn’t even know yet. So you know its gotta be good. Kayfabe makes the world go ’round!

Whatever it was, it began JULY 4TH, and it WILL CONTINUE through the 18th. I’m expecting at least a JVC Kaboom of the Week.

THING TWO – Well, boyz will be boyz. and girlz will be girlz. Sometimes boyz and girlz will be each other – none of this is really important to my point. Most of us were a kid some time, and a bunch of us had TVs then.

We’d gather round, searching for anything remotely captivating. Occasionally we’d score, but mostly we’d bide our time, waiting for that holy moment – Saturday Morning. Yes, the pinnacle of our childhood, the master of our domain, for most of us more sacred than church.

Sadly, those days have passed. Happily, we love nostalgia. So on the 18th, as the centerpiece to our our feast of flesh, we will pay tribute to this religious experience we called Saturday Mornings. It’ll be like Ron Burgandy’s wedding; on top of a mountain, flutes playing, trombones and flowers, and garlins of fresh herbs- and we will dance UNTIL THE SUN RISES, except YOU ARE INVITED.

We promise you’ll like it more than Anchorman 2.

3RD FRIDAY @ Oakland Metro Operahouse
630 3rd Street, $10 cover, 21 & up, dontbringyourfnkids , social media stuff/us/follow it

did i not write? ok ill write it. FUCK THE FANS!


SF Weekly: Drunk American Storytelling


SF Weekly just put out this fucking awesome piece on Hoodslam! Read the full article here!

Read on, lube up, and learn to relax, because we’re gonna fuck you like never before this Friday!

Two July Shows at the Metro!

That’s right, we’re doing two shows at the Metro again this month too! The summer keeps heating up, and Hoodslam rises with the mercury. Once more, you lucky souls get double the Hoodslam, DOUBLE THE FUN(K).

On 4th of July, we pay tribute to this amazingly graceful hunk of freedom meat in the only twisted way we know how – debauchery and intoxication mixed with brilliant artistic expression and death defying athleticism (plus a stuffed pony we drag around). Action will be PACKED! STARS WILL BE SPANGLED!

Then on July 18th we do it again with Boyz in the Hoodslam 4! We’ll be paying tribute to a little thing we called Saturday Mornings. It’ll be like Ron Burgandy’s wedding; on top of a mountain, flutes playing, trombones and flowers, and garlins of fresh herbs- and we will dance UNTIL THE SUN RISES, except YOU ARE INVITED.

Two Days Away

Hoodslam – Love the Game 2: Smokarina of Time is this Friday, June 20th at The Metro! Here’s some of the crazy shit that will be going down on Friday!


Hoodslam "Dual Intentions" (June 6, 2014) Results


Hoodslam “Dual Intentions” results
Friday, June 6, 2014
Oakland, Calif. at the Oakland Metro Opera House
Paid attendance: 923

On this night, the Hoodslam Band was known as Barenaked Labias.

Live commentary by “Broseph” Joe Brody (WWE Tough Enough’s A.J. Kirsch), Butternuts, and guest commentary from “The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge.

(1) Ken (w/Cammy and Cammy’s Ass) beat Ryu (also with Cammy and Cammy’s Ass) with the “Shoryuken” Dragon Punch.

(2) “Ultragirl” Brittany Wonder & “Super Barrio Brother” Jesus Cruz & “The Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra (w/a very pregnant Courtney Crimson) beat “The Russian Lover” Zangief & Doc Atrocity (w/Botchy the Clown) & Lucha Magnifico in a six-entity tag team match when El Chupacabra hit the Adios powerbomb on Lucha Magnifico.

(3) The James Gang (James C. & Stony Montana) beat The Knights of the Roxbury (Anthony Butabi & Johnathan Butabi) when James C. hit the Gang Bang on Anthony Butabi.

(4) F.O.N.G. (F’n Obese Nerdy Gamer w/P.O.N.G.) beat Drugz Bunny and Virgil Flynn III in a three-way match to become the new Best Athlete in the East Bay. Virgil hit the 450 splash on Drugz Bunny and made the cover. With señor official, El Sparko’s vision impaired due to a cocaine malfunction, when F.O.N.G. laid on top of Virgil, who was covering Drugz Bunny, El Sparko did not see Virgil underneath F.O.N.G. and counted the pinfall, awarding the match to F.O.N.G., ending Virgil Flynn III’s year-plus reign as Best Athlete in the East Bay. 

(5) Scorpion beat “The Metal Head Maniac” Sledge with the spear-uppercut combo, followed by the Curb Stomp. Fatality.

(6) Stoner U. (Rick-Scott & Scott-Rick w/Cheerleader Missy Highasfuck, Coach Joey Nuggs, and Waterboy Bobby Burgerhands) beat The Ballard Brothers (Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard) with the Rizz Bomb.

(7) Juiced Lee beat P.O.N.G. (Pissed Off Nerdy Gamer w/F.O.N.G.) and Bat Manuel in a three-way match in a three-way match for the Golden Gig when Juiced Lee hit a top-rope moonsault with a Mario Kart spiked turtle shell strapped to his chest.

To see this and previous shows in their entirety, CLICK HERE.

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You can vote daily, so bookmark the page and vote every day!

Drinko de Mayo – Backlash (May 2, 2014) Results


“Drinko de Mayo – Backlash”
Friday, May 2, 2014
Oakland, Calif. at the Oakland Metro Opera House
Paid attendance: 931

Special opening performance from the Beach Bum Alcoholics.

On this night, the Hoodslam Band was known as Penis Fly Trap.

Live commentary by “Broseph” Joe Brody (WWE Tough Enough’s A.J. Kirsch) and Butternuts.

(1) “The Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra (w/five months-pregnant Courtney Crimson) beat “The Hebrew Hammer” Joseph Schwartz with the “Adios Motherf—–” powerbomb, then crowd-surfed to the bar to celebrate his birthday with the fans.

(2) Bat Manuel & Lucha Magnifico beat Stoner U (The Stoner Brothers – Rick Scott Stoner & Scott Rick Stoner – w/Coach Joey Nuggs and Missy Hyas-sh–) when Bat Manuel hit a top-rope senton on Scott Rick Stoner.

(3) “The Russian Lover” Zangief beat Ken (w/Cammy featuring Cammy’s Ass) with a spinning piledriver.

(4) James C. beat “Super Barrio Brother” Jesus Cruz with a superkick to Cruz’s head as Cruz was on his knees.

Special performance from Nephilim, who will be performing at the birthplace of Hoodslam, the Victory Warehouse (2400 San Pablo in Oakland, Calif.) on Saturday, May 17. $5 cover.

(5) GAME OVER (P.O.N.G. [Pissed-Off Nerdy Gamer] & F.O.N.G. [F'n Obese Nerdy Gamer]) beat the Knights of the Roxbury (Johnny “Drinko” Butabi & Anthony Butabi) in a Japanese International Console-Wars Deathmatch of Doom when F.O.N.G. hit a big splash on Anthony Butabi with Butabi underneath a Nintendo Entertainment System, Xbox, a Sega Saturn, a Hylian shield, and a Nintendo Power Pad.

Following the match, Johnny “Drinko” Butabi announced that he was going sober and gluten free, and insisted on being referred to as “Johnathan Butabi.”

(6) Juiced Lee beat Sub-Zero (w/Princess Kitana and Queen Sindel) with a top-rope moonsault to retain the Golden Gig Championship. Prior to the conclusion of the match, Scorpion returned and distracted Sub-Zero. Princess Kitana hit a low blow on Sub-Zero, aligning herself with Scorpion.

(7) Doc Atrocity & Giggles the Clown beat “Ultragirl” Brittany Wonder & Drugz Bunny when James C., who joined “Broseph” Joe Brody on commentary during the match, hit the Drive-By Driver on Drugz Bunny behind the referee’s back.

(8) Virgil Flynn III beat Ryu with a 450-splash, immediately followed by the Cannonball senton, to retain the Best Athlete in the East Bay Award.

To see this and previous shows in their entirety, click HERE.

4/20 – In Our House: Beware of Dog 3 (April 20, 2014) Results


Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody

1. Coach Joey Nuggs w/Missy Hyasshit b. Bobby Burgerhands

2. Charlie Chaplin b. Anthony Butabi

3. The Stoner Brothers (Scott Rick and Rick Scott) & Trent Hemridge (w/ Coach Nuggs and Missy Hyasshit) went to a draw against The Commandos (D-Unit and T-Rent) & DeDe Badapple

4. Broseph Joe Brody lost the Easter Egg Hunt

5. Ultra-Toad Toady Toadstofferson d. Prawn Cena after a run in from Mr. Sandman

6. Lucha Magnifico & Jesus Kruz & Trent Butabi & Ultragirl Brittany Wonder went to a draw with Scott Rick & Rick Scott & Joey Nuggs & Missy Hyasshit & Pudoo the Cow after Pooh Jack attacked all participants, incuding Referee Rubang

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