Entertania IV: Lois Lane

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Entertania III: Passing Lane

“The Dark Noche” BatManuel vs THE Brian Kendrick


 The Stoner Bros vs The Butabi Bros in a “Contract Signing Match”



Tremendous Investigation Inc.

Our friends over at Inter Species Wrestling said that they were gonna send out 2 of their finest competitors to compete at Hoodslam’s 3 day event. Get ready for the team of Dan Barry and Bill Carr, the ISW Tag Team Champions… See them defend their titles Friday March 27th at the Oakland Metro Opera House against……. heck, we don’t even know!



“Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra vs The 300 lb Manimal vs “Vampire Warrior” Gangrel


Jesus Kruze takes on fan favorite Drugz Bunny


Entertania II, III, and IV Special Guests


‪Hoodslam‬’s faithful steed will be appearing at ‪Entertania‬ II, III, IV and BEYOND!!!


Charlie Chaplin

After touring around the world and spreading the gospel of ‪‎Hoodslam‬, he has returned just in time for ‪Entertania‬. Catch him all 3 nights at the Oakland Metro Operahouse.


Gracing the ‪Hoodslam‬ stage is former XPW valet and voluptuous beauty in her own right…………


Sonny Onoo

The man who managed Ultimo Dragon to 9 simultaneous championships! He was the leader of Team Japan at Starcade! He refereed fn Jim Duggan v. Meng at Uncensored 95! And Friday March 27th, Hoodslam has arranged for the international martial arts and wrestling icon SONNY ONOO to join our own Broseph Joe Brody on commentary! Hoodslam goes international, and we learn how to FTF in two languages!


Mustafa Saed

ECW Alumni and tag partner to ‪‎Hoodslam‬ resident Pooh Jack, the “Original Gangsta” Mustafa Saed! What day(s) will he be there you ask? Just come to all the ‪Entertania‬s this weekend so you won’t miss him


International star and all around great gal, Christina Von Eerie


From the deep sticks of Bowie County in Northeast Texas………….
The 300 lbs MANIMAL!!!


Entertania II: Turning Lane (aka FTF Access)

Thursday March 26th in Oakland, California at Hoodslam‬ – Entertania II Turning Lane (AKA FTF ACCESS)

James C vs Gangrel
For the most prestigious prize in all the land……………
The Golden Gig!


The 2014 Top of the Skydreamers Miracle eXtacy Cup winner, The “Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra takes on the unpredictable TWICE dead and from the future……. DARK Sheik!


THE Brian Kendrick vs Scorpion


More madness will take place on Thursday March 26th at Hoodslam Entertania II as “Street Fighter” Ken takes on the 1920’s coke addicted bunny, Drugz Bunny!





We’re just a few days away from 3 straight nights of fucking the fans!

Thursday March 26

Zoopy Monsters & Hoodslam: Entertania II – Turning Lane (aka FTF access)

Thursday night our FTFanclub members get in free! Not a member, yet? There’s still time to join the club! Just follow this link and sign up to get in to Entertania II for free, plus lots of other super exclusive super awesome perks!

Friday March 27

Hoodslam: Entertania III – Passing Lane

Saturday March 28

Hoodslam: Entertania IV – Lois Lane

Get Your Ass to March review on Punknews.org

As “G.I. Bro” rushed out into the wrestling ring, it was clear that it was going to be an unusual night at Oakland’s Metro Opera House on March 6, 2015. The first collaboration between Austria-Californian rockers Arnocorps and Hoodslam, the Bay Area’s most prominent professional wrestling league, had a packed house drawing audiences from both the punk and wrestling word. Wasting little time, G.I. Bro, a muscled-up fratboy with a bedazzled hat hyped the crowd by getting them to chant Arnocorps’ name all while pouring shots of booze down the throats of attendees.


Arnocrops took the stage, each in camos, each wearing aviators, and each smoking a stogie. Frontman Holzfeuer leaped into the wreslting ring, delivered a short sermon about the bands background (they are fighting against “Austro-ploitation by playing heavy metal songs about ancient Austrian legends), and then the band ripped into a three song set. Arnocorps’ recordings are pretty wild, what with their tales of fighting Predators and Terminators and warlords, but their live show is on another level. Holzfeuer climbed in and out of the ring, up on the ropes, and shouted out battle cries as the band kicked out tunes equally influenced by thrash metal and NWOBH. Frankly, the music combined with visuals combined with the songs about killing aliens really is something to behold.

Read more at Punknews.org.

Get Your Ass To March – ARNOCorps & Hoodslam 3/6/15 HIGHlights

We combine with the ballsiest musicians from all of Austro-Calfiornia to bring you this mash up of genres. It’s pretty neat.

video by Mark Johnston.




Just two short days until Hoodslam and ARNOCORPS: GET YOUR ASS TO MARCH! And just added to Friday’s mega ballsy event: A special ARNOCORPS rendition of “California Uber Alles” with original Dead Kennedy’s frontman JELLO BIAFRA! Shit’s gonna be real.

Fucking ARNOCORPS. Fucking Hoodslam. The fuck more you wanna know?

Here’s extra anyway!

Musics will be performed by the AustroCalifornian Rock Machine ensemble known as ARNOCORPS! They’ll do multiple sets throughout the evening. Graf Halzfeuer has even accepted the esteem position of Co Commentator for the evening alongside Broseph Joe Brody!

Golden Gig Championship
James C defends v. ‘Ultra Girl’ Brittany Wonder

To Unify the Best Athlete in the Bay Golden Fannypacks
Pissed Off Nerdy Gamer PONG v. Hero of Highrule LINK

The Stoner Bros have issued an open challenge to any THREE teams.

FORMER Golden Gig Champion Juiced Lee has silently vowed to make an impact

The man who will challenge for the Golden Gig at Entertania V, DRUGZ BUNNY!

A few ARNO-centric surprises are in store!

ALSO: Jesus KruzE! Bat Manuel! DARK Sheik! Christina Von Eerie! The Knights of the Roxbury Johnny “Drinko” Butabi and Anthony Riv Butabi! Cereal Man! The Top of the SkyDreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup Tournament Winner “Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra! More folks too!


Check THIS out: Hoodslam is in the friggin' The Huffington Post and The New York Times!

The accidental phenomenon is item number 8 on The Huffington Post’s “21 things you must do in the San Francisco Bay Area.” There’s also a shout-out to our good friends at Tourettes Without Regrets!


From Maxim.com to Al Jazeera…Vice and LA times…now The New York Times! There’s a brand new slideshow on The New York Times featuring Hoodslam!

Hoodslam FEMMED OUT: Drag Me to Hell Highlights

We all dress up like girls. Because its fun. While WWE says “loser wears a dress for 30 days”, we say “WINNERS WEAR A DRESS WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT”.

Thank you Mark Johnston for making the video.

10993125_844965505540473_899973997379865700_nYou can see even more of these beautiful ladies in the Hoodslam – Femmed Out: Drag Me To Hell album.

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