RESULTS – Monday Night Hoodslam 11/20/17


Commentary by Broseph Joe Bordy

Music by dj iTunes and mc laptop


  • To start the show, Ultragirl Brittany Wonder told the crowd that Doc Atrocity has convinced her and Nurse Ratchet to patch things up, and they’re ready to start fresh
  1. Brittany Wonder and Nurse Ratchet defeated Zangev and Ken after the butt of doom
  2. Hip Hop Harry defeated Joe KILLMEISTER
  3. Richard Shhhnary defeated Johnny Drinko in a Sanctum of Silence Match after Drinko drunkenly forgot the rules for a moment
  4. Drugz Bunny/James C/Coach Nuggs/Brutal Rob Hands defeated Manny Faberino/Big B/Rick Stoner/Scott Stoner in an elimination match that saw people pedigree their own partner, but it still made more sense than the survivor series main event
  5. Virgil Eugene Flynn III defeated Funnybone after TWO back to back 450s


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RESULTS – 80s for the Ladies 11/18/17



From the Oakland Metro Operahouse, commentary by Wonder Dave and Link to the Future Anton Voorhees

Music by half the Hoodslam band (brett and o’shea) plus half of Oinga Boinga (Mary Jane Lawless and Donki Show) and then also this guy Tom we know.

Referees Guido and Wiggles

  1. Big Poppa Smurf defeated Gargamel
  2. Like a Virgin Madonna and Alice Cooper defeated Doc Brown and Mart McFly with the brothers of destruction double chokeslam and pin from when kane and undertaker fought Austin in 98.  I wanna say it was at judgement day?
  3. Rocky Bat-boa defeated Teen Wolf
  4. Team Lethal Weapon Riggs and Murtaugh defeated John McClane and Swayze from Roadhouse… what was his name?  Like, “dutch” or something?
  5. Ric Flairish defeated Macho Man Randy Savagery
  6. Rainbow Bright defeated Keifer Sutherland from Lost Boys


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RESULTS – 11/5/17 Sexy Good Time Wrestle Sequel , San Francisco


11/5/17, hosted by Wonder Dave and Broseph Joe Brody

Music by the Hoodslam Band


  • Coach Joey Nuggs started the show, saying he was upset with his protégé Brutal Rob Hands standing up for Anthony Butabi.  Anthony Butabi had recently defeated Rob Hands for his Golden Fannypack – Coach Nuggs still has the other.  Brutal Rob Hands stood up for his decision, saying Anthony Butabi earned it through bloody warfare at Bloodslam.  The two would go on to say they could do well with their own partners, and a match was formed
  1. Coach Joey Nuggs and Steven Tresario defeated Brutal Rob Hands and Big B
  2. Hip Hop Harry defeated Zangev Darevko

Drugz Bunny came to the ring, again saying that he couldn’t trust the coke anymore (after PONG switched it with a volatile substance, leaving him in a horrible condition in October).  He hadn’t done coke since, and he’s not sure where to go from here. Johnny Drinko Butabi came to the ring, and told him to try liquor.  James C emerged, saying Drugz didn’t need anything but support and a good friend.  Bat Manuel came to the ring, mad that Drinko had never closed his bartab from two months ago that Bat Manuel said he’d keep open for him.  An agreement was made, if Bat Manuel and Drinko won against Drugz and James C, he’d close the tab

3. James C and Drugz Bunny BARELY defeat Bat Manuel and Johnny Drinko

4. Super Beast pinned Prawn Cena with a running powerslam to win a Fatal Four Way also featuring Berkeley Brawler and El Chupacabra

5. Richard Shhhnary defeated Manny Faberino in a Sanctum of Silence Match

6. The CAUTION (CAUTION) Anton Voorhees and Ean Hancement defeated the Stoner Brothers Scott Rick and Rick Scott Stoner & Joey Ryan and Joey Ryan’s Penis to become new Intergalactic Tag Team Champions

RESULTS – 11/3/17 These Days in Oakland


From the Metro Operahouse, hosted by Broseph Joe Brody and the Hoodslam Band


Drugz Bunny addressed the crowd to open the show.  A month prior, he’d finally gotten his rematch for the Golden Gig but fell short with PONG secretly switch his cocaine with a different substance, leading to a seizure/overdose type scenario.  Without his Gig or his coke, he’s not sure where to go.  James C then arrived, saying he knew Drugz more than anyone, and he knew Drugz can do it without the coke.  He would help him get his groove back.

  1. James C and Drugz Bunny BARELY defeated Berkeley Brawler and Richard Shhhnary
  2. Cereal Man defeated Bat Manuel after an EVIL CEREAL MAN interfered.  This evil doppleganger has been the catalyst of all their conflict.  Bat Manuel’s keen detective skills led him to believe Cereal Man was lying, but the truth is now out.  There are two!  Or …were…?  As after the match, the evil Cereal Man unceremoniously attacked his more likeable counterpart.
  3. Funnybone, El Chupacabra, Super Beast and Glorious Banana defeated Altair, Virgil Flynn III, Brittany Wonder and Johnny Drinko Butabi in a wildcard random select tag match when Funnybone double stomped Altair out of a backbreaker from Super Beast.
  4. Anthony Butabi let the crowd know that its been a rough year, but he’s now back at his peak and happy to be the fans new Best Athlete in the East Bay after defeating Brutal Rob Hands for a Golden Fannypack in a bloody deathmatch at BLOODSLAM.  Coach Joey Nuggs, the man with the other Golden Fannypack and tag partner of Rob Hands, attacked Anthony Butabi.  The two would go back and forth, the bell would ring, Referee Nuk Nuk would get caught in the fray, and finally Rob Hands would emerge to tell his Coach that Anthony Butani earned it, and he wanted no part in stealing it back.  All parties would separate, and the match was ruled a no contest.
  5. The Caution (CAUTION) Anton Voorhees and Ean Hancement defeated Ken Masters and Zangev Darevko (replacing Ryu, who stayed home to be a family man).  The CAUTION would go on to challenge the Stoner Brothers TONIGHT for a shot at the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship, but they were turned down as the Stoners already had a match
  6. Joey Ryan and mystery partner Joey Ryans Penis defeated the Stoner Brothers after The CAUTION interfered to become the Intergalactic Tag Team Champions
  7. Pissed Off Nerdy Gamer PONG defeated Hip Hop Harry after attacking him with his own crutch to retain the Golden Gig.  Post match, he would continue the attack.  Fucking Obese Nerdy Gamer FONG, the only partner and friend PONG ever liked, shoved PONG off of Harry saying it was enough.  The two would hug it out, but then PONG would punch FONG in the dick, declaring he didn’t need anyone.

RESULTS – 10/29/17 SCIENCE SLAM Oakland

science slam poster final


SCIENCE SLAM, Oakland Metro Operahouse, 10/29/17

Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody and Kishore Hari

Music by Hoodslam Band, and lots of great help and ideas from Sf and Eastbay Nerd Nite and Bay Area Science Festival!


  1. Bill Nye defeated Neil Degrasse Tyson after Pluto interfered and attacked Tyson
  2. Nurse Ratchet defeated Pharma-Douche Martain Skarelly with “Princess Die”
  3. Orville and Wilbur Wright defeated Jesse Pinkman and Heisenburg with a double airplane spin
  4. Rick Sanchez defeated Doc Brown after a run in by the MegaZord cuz fuck you, science
  5. Rosalind Franklin defeated James Watson and Francis Crick with the “Double Helix” to win the Nobel Prize Championship Title
  6. Bill Nye, Rosalind Franklin, Doc Brown, the Wright Brothers and Neil Degrasse Tyson teamed up to forcefully remove Science Deniers led by Earl and his cousin Earl, also teamed with Pluto
  7. Nikola Tesla defeated Thomas Edison in a Faraday Electric Cage match, after throwing Edison in the cage and electrifying him


Thanks Nerd Nite!  Thanks Bay Area Science Festival!  Thanks SCIENCE!



RESULTS – BLOODSLAM 10/20/17 Oakland



Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody, music by Mary Jane Lawless and the Hoodslam band


Bloodslam is an annual theatrical production, this year saw three acts interwoven between Halloween/horror themed matches

  1. Brittany the grey haired Vampire Slayer (with Grey haired Spike for some reason) defeated Count Chocula after attacking him with a metal spoon.  Since it wasn’t wood, he got up and bit Brittany after the match.

ACT 1:

DARK Sheik emerged through a portal, expecting to be in the year 2099.  He had been sent by Doc Atrocity to learn the secrets of the future, but his time portal was faulty and instead he was sent sideways to a different dimension.  He was soon arrested by local authorities who were reporting on the loud flash and disturbance cause by his entering of this realm.

Detective Dick Shoulders Lucido and Officer Ray and Officer Traylor apprehended DARK Sheik

end act –

2. Virgil Flynn III and Bat Manuel defeated Faces of Fear Zodiac and Taskmaster

ACT 2:

DARK Sheik was brought to this realms Head of Medicine, a  Dr Atticus Rocity, who explained to DARK Sheik that he was not in the future, but a sideways split.  DARK Sheik, being twice dead but still on the plane of the living, contained a special element within him that no longer existed in this reality.  A flashback match went on to reveal

3. Juice Lee defeated Death by ripping Death’s heart out


After defeating all living challengers, Juice Lee looked beyond.  He eventually faced Death itself, and became victorious.  His victory led to an earth filled with immortal denizens.  Over time, he was named Pope of an overseeing one world government.  Dr. Atticus saw DARK Sheik, and the death within him, as the key to breaking the never ending cycle of life.  He intended to torturously drain the death force from him, to return it to this existence.  Detective Lucido, overhearing this plan, confronted Dr. Atticus

4. Detective Lucido defeated Dr. Atticus

Lucido would then free the DARK Sheik from captivity, who would return the favor with a superkick before absconding.

end act

5.  Scarecrow from INJUSTICE 2 defeated Leatherface, Zombie Mime Jean Pierre and Pogo the Clown in a Fatal Four Way



Detective Lucido followed DARK Sheik to a bar, where he went to watch wrestling.  Lucido explained he helped him because what was to happen was unfair to DARK Sheik, and he thinks the opportunity to do good exists in life.  DARK Sheik said he was a creature who consumed, he didn’t provide, and his subsided primarily on competition.  But in a world he didn’t belong in, he had no fight TO fight.

Shortly, he would get into an argument with karaoke singer Ronnie Butabi, which Detective Lucido would try to break up.  They would all be interrupted by Dr Atticus and Officer Ray and Officer Traylor, who deemed Sheik a wanted suspect, Detective Lucido a traitorous vigilante Ronnie Butabi guilty by association.

6. DARK Sheik, Detective Lucido and Ronnie Butabi defeated Dr Atticus, Officer Ray and Officer Traylor

Super Pope Juice Lee the Redeemer would emerge, with deaths heart in glass display case

7. DARK Sheik defeats Super Pope Juice Lee the Redeemer with a Shia Crescent


After debilitating Super Pope Juice Lee the Redeemer for the briefest of moments, DARK Sheik grabbed the glass display with deaths heart and smashed it.  This caused the reality to black out, and all living beings to die.  All in the universe walked towards the light, leaving the already twice dead DARK Sheik alone in the now empty universe.

end act –


8. Anthony Butabi defeated Brutal Rob Hands with a superplex off a ladder through a table with a barbwire board and hot takis on it to become the new Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypack Champion

RESULTS – 10/16/17 Monday Night Hoodslam Sacramento

At District30 on K Street in downtown capital city of Sac tho

Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody, music by the Hoodslam Band, tonight was HORRORSLAM

  1. Hip Hop Harry defeated Fucking Obese Nerdy Gamer FONG
  2. Virgil Flynn III defeated Jesus Kruze and “Broken” Brittany Wonder with a 450 splash
  3. Nurse Ratchet defeated Joey Smoak with “Princess Die”
  4. Pogo the Clown and Chucky defeated Big B and Manny Faberino
  5. Funnybone defeated El Chupacabra, Zombie Mime Jean Pierre and Richard  Shhhnary in a Fatal Fourway with a doublestomp
  6. The Stoner Brothers defeated Ken Masters and Zangev Darevko to retain the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship
  7. Super Beast defeated Killmeister in a 4 corners Strap Match


we’re back 11/20/17, FTF!

Fuck the Fans 8 10/6/17 Results!

Oakland Metro Operahouse


Stoner U Pre Show –

Commentary by Screaming Eagle Mike O Shea and Scott Rickerson, Ring Announcer Sean Michaels Allen

  1. Super Beast defeated Hip Hop Harry at wrestling
  2. Drugz Bunny defeated Referee Guido in the Sing of the Ring Karaoke Fighters Tournament


Hoodslam –

Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody and Johnny Drinko Butabi, Music by The Hoodslam Band


Johnny Drinko was brought to the ring after introductions, as he is the host of Fuck the Fans 8 after winning the 2017 Battle Royal of Supremacy.  However, after losing a three way dance to Glorious Banana and Drugz Bunny, Banana got a shot at the Golden Gig, and Drinko was not allowed to despite having the joy of booking responsibility.  He announced that as revenge, he brought someone to punish Drugz Bunny.

  • Super Barrio Brother Jesus Kruze defeated Drugz Bunny with a roll up after a distraction from Johnny Drinko Butabi

Johnny Drinko stated that he was gonna throw his brother a bone, and give him a shot at the Best Athlete in the East Bay while he was in power.  The crowd chanted “NE-PO-TIS-IM”.

  • Brutal Rob Hands defeated Anthony “Party Manster” Butabi after Coach Joey Nuggs interfered to retain the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fanny Packs
  • Pissed off Nerdy Gamer PONG defeated Glorious Banana with a sleeper hold to retain the Golden Gig Championship

When PONG would not release the sleeperhold, Drugz Bunny made his way to the ring and cashed in his CM Punk Memorial Trophy for any match with anyone at any time to fight PONG for the Golden Gig Championship.

  • PONG defeated Drugz Bunny by pinfall to retain the Golden Gig Championship after Drugz Bunny snorted what he thought was cocaine, but was in fact a different substance switched out by FONG.  This caused a negative reaction to Drugz Bunny, allowing PONG to secure the win.
  • Hip Hop Harry won the 30 entity Rumble of Ranking Ramifications last eliminating Super Beast.  Participants included, but not in order:
  1. Johnny Drinko Butabi
  2. Hobbes
  3. BatManuel
  4. CerealMan
  5. Chupacabra
  6. Doc Atrocity
  7. Brittany Wonder
  8. Nurse Ratchet
  9. Virgil Flynn III
  10. Joey Ryan
  11. Ryu
  12. Ken Masters
  13. Anton Voorhees
  14. Ean Hancement
  15. Scott Rick Stoner
  16. Rick Scott Stoner
  17. Jesus Kruze
  18. Brutal Rob Hands
  19. Coach Joey Nuggs
  20. Zangev Darevko
  21. Super Beast
  22. Richard Shhhnary
  23. Berkeley Brawler
  24. Manny Faberino
  25. Steve Tresario
  26. Cal Jack
  27. Hip Hop Harry
  28. Anthony Butabi
  29. FONG
  30. James C


You can watch the whole show FREE on TWITCH at:




Music by The Hoodslam Band

Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody (and in spirit Wonder Dave)

  1. Brittany Wonder defeated Manny Faberino after a low blow.
  2. Nurse Ratchet defeated Berkeley Brawler with “Princess Die”
  3. The Stoner Brothers Scott Rick and Rick Scott Stoner defended the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship against the teams of Calvin and Hobbes and Carmen San Diego/Where’s Waldo when they hit Carmen San Diego with the “Rizz Bomb”
  4. Coach Joey Nuggs and Brutal Rob Hands defended the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks against Shotzi Blackheart
  5. Richard Shhhnary defeated Silent Assassin Jean Pierre in a Sanctum of Silence Match
  6. MegaZord defeated Elvira, Xena, Anton Voorhees, BatManuel and Cornelius in a SyxxPac Challenge after he pinned Xena with a big Leg Drop
  7. Glorious Banana defeated Johnny Drinko Butabi and Drugz Bunny when he pinned Drinko with an Oklahoma roll.  Because of a prematch stipulation, Banana gets a shot at PONG for the Golden Gig at Fuck the Fans 8, and Drinko does not.  Had Drugz Bunny won, he would be immune from Johnny Drinko Butabi’s booking at FTF8.  Had Johnny Drinko won, Drugz Bunny would not be allowed to cash in his CM Punk Memorial Trophy at FTF8.  None of that happened, and Drinko can book Drugz in bullshit, Drugz can still cash in anytime, anywhere, against any Hoodslammer, and has stated he WILL cash in at FTF8 to fight for the Golden Gig.

Watch it on twitch, it was amaaaazeballs.

FOLSOM STREET FAIR 9/24/17 Results

folsom folsom2Hoodslam was thrilled to be back at Folsom Street Fair!  Thousands filled the streets to witness burlesque, wrestling, a whole lot of flesh, mostly wang, but all genders on the rainbow ever present and friendly and kinda nude.  We did three sets from noon to five, here’s our results!


All matches had Commentary and kinda music by Broseph Joe Brody and refereed by WIGGLES


  1. Richard Shhhnary defeated Shotzi Blackheart
  2. The Stoner Brothers Scott Rick and Rick Scott Stoner defeated the Dual Citizens Manny Faberino and Khan Abadi to retain the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship
  3. Coach Joey Nuggs defeated Johnya Harding to retain the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks
  4. Brutal Rob Hands defeated Big B and PBJ Banana to retain the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks



  1. Big B defeated Johnya Harding and Richard Shhhnary
  2. Funnybone defeated Manny Faberino
  3. Shotzi Black Heart/Alice in Wonderland/Green Man portraying China defeated The Stoner Brothers and Ean Hancement
  4. Coach Joey Nuggs defeated Pooh Jack to retain the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks


set THREE:

  1. Black Widow/The Stoner Brothers/Ean Hancement/Coach Joey Nuggs defeated Richard Shhhnary/Manny Faberino/Johny Harding/Hobbes/Mega Zord in a Survivor Series Elimination Match
  2. Brutal Rob Hands defeated Pooh Jack to retain the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks

folsom3 folsom4