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Once more for the people in the back…The Why of Femmed Out

It dawns on us that not all may be familiar with our annual celebration of femininity, and the reasons behind it. It is no simple answer, but let us do our best to elaborate on the why.

In wrestling, traditions go a long way. Not every tradition, however, should go indefinitely. Any story done right is worth telling, and there are always exceptions, but some old stories are best left in the past.


The all female Oinga Boinga at the 2015 Femmed Out, the first band to play our event excluding The Hoodslam Band

One tradition that perplexed us was the treatment of women as a lesser, perhaps even a commodity. “If I beat you your girl has to accompany me to the ring for one month” or “when i win against YOU, i get to go on a date with HER”, and so on. Women were important to have, upsetting to lose, but not worth as much as a title belt.

Another that has popped up over the decades and across the world,”Loser Wears A Dress”. How embarrassing it must be to be perceived as feminine. What a loser, to wear the same clothes as half the population.


DARK Sheik as Xena, 2015

Brittany Wonder, long time member of the roster and cosplay enthusiast, started to wear a Deadpool inspired attire in 2014. The sight of this “crossplay” triggered something; it occured to a member of our roster that in all of Hoodslams 80s night’s, video game theme’s, cartoon shows, horror shows, etc no male had ever performed as female. In fact, nowhere in wrestling was this a common phenomenon.

Brittany Wonder in "deadpool" inspired attire, 2014

Brittany Wonder in “deadpool” inspired attire, 2014

Was it fear? Wrestlers are sensitive performer types, but is the same person who dives into tacks afraid of some lace? Are those who bleed for money terrified someone might think they’re pretty? Are they afraid they might be treated how they may have treated our sisters in the locker room?

Johnny Drinko as Shakira, 2015

Johnny Drinko as Shakira, 2016

Maybe its just not for their audience. We think ours can handle it. In fact, every year its been a sold out event, turning hundreds away.

So, noticing that women were half the attendees, noticing that women had as strong characters as men, noticing that different genders might want to attend in womens clothing and they should all feel proud and secure to do so…we put on make up and skirts,  and put on a show.

Doc Atrocity getting "Carrie'd" by the roster, 2015

Doc Atrocity getting “Carrie’d” by the roster, 2015

You might think its because women have been so proud lately. Or, because we live in the lgbt light house that is the bay area of California. Or, you think we’re a funny group who like girls clothing.  None of it is entirely untrue…To us, its just about fairness. Women pay the same  $20 as any man there, and deserve the same respect from their art.

Is this going to be any less of a stoned sweaty loud kinetic whiskey induced beautiful nightmare than any other event? Fuck no, we’ll just spend (way) more time on make up and (way) more money on costumes.

– (We’ve made the event two unique nights this year,2/3 & 2/4 so that nobody will be turned away, and all can join in the fun.)






12/18 Monday Night HOODSLA0M Results


Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody and Anthony Butabi


1. Virgil Flynn III defeated Manny Faberino

2. Shotzi Blackheart d Steve Tresario

3. Zangev Darevko d Ken

– Rick Scott Stoner of the Stoner Brothers told the crowd hes lost his high.

4. Nurse Ratchet and Brittany Wonder d. Hip Hop Harry and Scott Rick Stoner

5. Coach Nuggs d Richard Shhhnary

6. Richard Shhhnary d. Coach Nuggs in a Sanctum of Silence Match – immediately

7. Big B d. Brutal Rob Hands and Super Beast after Manny Faberino interfered

8. Funnybone d KILLMEISTER

RESULTS – 80s for the Ladies 11/18/17



From the Oakland Metro Operahouse, commentary by Wonder Dave and Link to the Future Anton Voorhees

Music by half the Hoodslam band (brett and o’shea) plus half of Oinga Boinga (Mary Jane Lawless and Donki Show) and then also this guy Tom we know.

Referees Guido and Wiggles

  1. Big Poppa Smurf defeated Gargamel
  2. Like a Virgin Madonna and Alice Cooper defeated Doc Brown and Mart McFly with the brothers of destruction double chokeslam and pin from when kane and undertaker fought Austin in 98.  I wanna say it was at judgement day?
  3. Rocky Bat-boa defeated Teen Wolf
  4. Team Lethal Weapon Riggs and Murtaugh defeated John McClane and Swayze from Roadhouse… what was his name?  Like, “dutch” or something?
  5. Ric Flairish defeated Macho Man Randy Savagery
  6. Rainbow Bright defeated Keifer Sutherland from Lost Boys


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Samara debuts against Best Athlete in the East Bay Brittany Wonder

Samara debuts against Best Athlete in the East Bay Brittany Wonder


El Chupacabra goes one on one with Nurse Ratchet

El Chupacabra goes one on one with Nurse Ratchet

Hoodslam at Stockton Sinister CreatureCon!



June 10th and 11th are Sinister days in Stockton! But in a good way, because the Creature Con came to town and they invited us too!  We schmoozed, flyered, hung out with cosplayers, even made it on the big screen! It was nice to share a building with the Dream Warriors!  Maybe next year we can bring a ring…