RESULTS – Monday Night Hoodslam 11/20/17


Commentary by Broseph Joe Bordy

Music by dj iTunes and mc laptop


  • To start the show, Ultragirl Brittany Wonder told the crowd that Doc Atrocity has convinced her and Nurse Ratchet to patch things up, and they’re ready to start fresh
  1. Brittany Wonder and Nurse Ratchet defeated Zangev and Ken after the butt of doom
  2. Hip Hop Harry defeated Joe KILLMEISTER
  3. Richard Shhhnary defeated Johnny Drinko in a Sanctum of Silence Match after Drinko drunkenly forgot the rules for a moment
  4. Drugz Bunny/James C/Coach Nuggs/Brutal Rob Hands defeated Manny Faberino/Big B/Rick Stoner/Scott Stoner in an elimination match that saw people pedigree their own partner, but it still made more sense than the survivor series main event
  5. Virgil Eugene Flynn III defeated Funnybone after TWO back to back 450s


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