RESULTS – 11/5/17 Sexy Good Time Wrestle Sequel , San Francisco


11/5/17, hosted by Wonder Dave and Broseph Joe Brody

Music by the Hoodslam Band


  • Coach Joey Nuggs started the show, saying he was upset with his protégé Brutal Rob Hands standing up for Anthony Butabi.  Anthony Butabi had recently defeated Rob Hands for his Golden Fannypack – Coach Nuggs still has the other.  Brutal Rob Hands stood up for his decision, saying Anthony Butabi earned it through bloody warfare at Bloodslam.  The two would go on to say they could do well with their own partners, and a match was formed
  1. Coach Joey Nuggs and Steven Tresario defeated Brutal Rob Hands and Big B
  2. Hip Hop Harry defeated Zangev Darevko

Drugz Bunny came to the ring, again saying that he couldn’t trust the coke anymore (after PONG switched it with a volatile substance, leaving him in a horrible condition in October).  He hadn’t done coke since, and he’s not sure where to go from here. Johnny Drinko Butabi came to the ring, and told him to try liquor.  James C emerged, saying Drugz didn’t need anything but support and a good friend.  Bat Manuel came to the ring, mad that Drinko had never closed his bartab from two months ago that Bat Manuel said he’d keep open for him.  An agreement was made, if Bat Manuel and Drinko won against Drugz and James C, he’d close the tab

3. James C and Drugz Bunny BARELY defeat Bat Manuel and Johnny Drinko

4. Super Beast pinned Prawn Cena with a running powerslam to win a Fatal Four Way also featuring Berkeley Brawler and El Chupacabra

5. Richard Shhhnary defeated Manny Faberino in a Sanctum of Silence Match

6. The CAUTION (CAUTION) Anton Voorhees and Ean Hancement defeated the Stoner Brothers Scott Rick and Rick Scott Stoner & Joey Ryan and Joey Ryan’s Penis to become new Intergalactic Tag Team Champions