RESULTS – 10/29/17 SCIENCE SLAM Oakland

science slam poster final


SCIENCE SLAM, Oakland Metro Operahouse, 10/29/17

Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody and Kishore Hari

Music by Hoodslam Band, and lots of great help and ideas from Sf and Eastbay Nerd Nite and Bay Area Science Festival!


  1. Bill Nye defeated Neil Degrasse Tyson after Pluto interfered and attacked Tyson
  2. Nurse Ratchet defeated Pharma-Douche Martain Skarelly with “Princess Die”
  3. Orville and Wilbur Wright defeated Jesse Pinkman and Heisenburg with a double airplane spin
  4. Rick Sanchez defeated Doc Brown after a run in by the MegaZord cuz fuck you, science
  5. Rosalind Franklin defeated James Watson and Francis Crick with the “Double Helix” to win the Nobel Prize Championship Title
  6. Bill Nye, Rosalind Franklin, Doc Brown, the Wright Brothers and Neil Degrasse Tyson teamed up to forcefully remove Science Deniers led by Earl and his cousin Earl, also teamed with Pluto
  7. Nikola Tesla defeated Thomas Edison in a Faraday Electric Cage match, after throwing Edison in the cage and electrifying him


Thanks Nerd Nite!  Thanks Bay Area Science Festival!  Thanks SCIENCE!