This Friday is the annual tradition, and the tournaments opening round will be announced a match a day this week! The winner will be the SEVENTH Tournament Champion, and receive an opportunity at the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fanny Packs at January First Friday!


Cereal Man : A visitor on our planet for almost two years now, this Super Hero and champion of balanced breakfast has learned a lot in his stay!  After being betrayed and beaten by Brittany Wonder multiple times, Cereal MAN finally found his fire and was able to defeat his former (?)crush/nemesis.  Last year he went to the finals vs PONG, could the momentum from his recent feud carry him all the way in 2016?


Sinn Bodhi:  Taking the trip from Freakshow Wrestling in Las Vegas to Hoodslam in Oakland, this killer clown is sure to make a lasting impression on newcomers.  The Warlord of Weird, Sinn Bodhi is no stranger to Hoodslam circles. He’s no stranger to any circle; you name it, he’s been there and done that.  Outwardly chaotic, internally disturbed, his experience and unique application of knowledge have kept him sharply on the keen edge of brilliance and insanity. There is no fear in his psyche, only the perpetually spinning cogs of a sado masochistic mental monster machine.