Fuck the Fans 8 10/6/17 Results!

Oakland Metro Operahouse


Stoner U Pre Show –

Commentary by Screaming Eagle Mike O Shea and Scott Rickerson, Ring Announcer Sean Michaels Allen

  1. Super Beast defeated Hip Hop Harry at wrestling
  2. Drugz Bunny defeated Referee Guido in the Sing of the Ring Karaoke Fighters Tournament


Hoodslam –

Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody and Johnny Drinko Butabi, Music by The Hoodslam Band


Johnny Drinko was brought to the ring after introductions, as he is the host of Fuck the Fans 8 after winning the 2017 Battle Royal of Supremacy.  However, after losing a three way dance to Glorious Banana and Drugz Bunny, Banana got a shot at the Golden Gig, and Drinko was not allowed to despite having the joy of booking responsibility.  He announced that as revenge, he brought someone to punish Drugz Bunny.

  • Super Barrio Brother Jesus Kruze defeated Drugz Bunny with a roll up after a distraction from Johnny Drinko Butabi

Johnny Drinko stated that he was gonna throw his brother a bone, and give him a shot at the Best Athlete in the East Bay while he was in power.  The crowd chanted “NE-PO-TIS-IM”.

  • Brutal Rob Hands defeated Anthony “Party Manster” Butabi after Coach Joey Nuggs interfered to retain the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fanny Packs
  • Pissed off Nerdy Gamer PONG defeated Glorious Banana with a sleeper hold to retain the Golden Gig Championship

When PONG would not release the sleeperhold, Drugz Bunny made his way to the ring and cashed in his CM Punk Memorial Trophy for any match with anyone at any time to fight PONG for the Golden Gig Championship.

  • PONG defeated Drugz Bunny by pinfall to retain the Golden Gig Championship after Drugz Bunny snorted what he thought was cocaine, but was in fact a different substance switched out by FONG.  This caused a negative reaction to Drugz Bunny, allowing PONG to secure the win.
  • Hip Hop Harry won the 30 entity Rumble of Ranking Ramifications last eliminating Super Beast.  Participants included, but not in order:
  1. Johnny Drinko Butabi
  2. Hobbes
  3. BatManuel
  4. CerealMan
  5. Chupacabra
  6. Doc Atrocity
  7. Brittany Wonder
  8. Nurse Ratchet
  9. Virgil Flynn III
  10. Joey Ryan
  11. Ryu
  12. Ken Masters
  13. Anton Voorhees
  14. Ean Hancement
  15. Scott Rick Stoner
  16. Rick Scott Stoner
  17. Jesus Kruze
  18. Brutal Rob Hands
  19. Coach Joey Nuggs
  20. Zangev Darevko
  21. Super Beast
  22. Richard Shhhnary
  23. Berkeley Brawler
  24. Manny Faberino
  25. Steve Tresario
  26. Cal Jack
  27. Hip Hop Harry
  28. Anthony Butabi
  29. FONG
  30. James C


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