RESULTS – 10/16/17 Monday Night Hoodslam Sacramento

At District30 on K Street in downtown capital city of Sac tho

Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody, music by the Hoodslam Band, tonight was HORRORSLAM

  1. Hip Hop Harry defeated Fucking Obese Nerdy Gamer FONG
  2. Virgil Flynn III defeated Jesus Kruze and “Broken” Brittany Wonder with a 450 splash
  3. Nurse Ratchet defeated Joey Smoak with “Princess Die”
  4. Pogo the Clown and Chucky defeated Big B and Manny Faberino
  5. Funnybone defeated El Chupacabra, Zombie Mime Jean Pierre and Richard  Shhhnary in a Fatal Fourway with a doublestomp
  6. The Stoner Brothers defeated Ken Masters and Zangev Darevko to retain the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship
  7. Super Beast defeated Killmeister in a 4 corners Strap Match


we’re back 11/20/17, FTF!