Venus Over Mithra Results


Venus Over Mithra

DNA Lounge, San Francisco California

Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody and Wonder Dave, Music by the Hoodslam Band (on this night known as Fister Perfect)

  1. Anton Voorhees (w/ his partner in the CAUTION Ean Hancement) defeated Zangev Darevko after Ean Hancement interfered
  • The CAUTION then called out Ryu of Shotokan Dojo, who alongside Ken are currently 2-2 in a Tag Team Best of 5 series vs The CAUTION

2. Ryu defeated Ean Hancement

3. Johnny Drinko Butabi defeated PBJ Banana, who wanted revenge on Johnny for eliminating him last at the Battle Royal of Supremacy

4.  Samara defeated Nurse Ratchet after Brittany Wonder distracted Ratchet by stealing her syringe.

5. Super Beast defeated Big B

  • Anthony Butabi came to the ring, and surprisingly, James C soon followed.  He talked to Anthony about brotherhood, and friendship, and how it could be stronger than brothers. This angered the Stoner Brothers, who challenged the two to a match

6. The Stoner Brothers defeated Anthony Butabi and James C to defend the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship

7. New U Coach Joey Nuggs and Brutal Rob Hands defeated Richard Shhhnary and Berkeley Brawler

8. Batmanuel defeated Brittany Wonder, El Chupacabra and Otis the Gimp after Pooh Jack interfered