Rock the BROMO Challenge FINALS

Our little Broseph is all growns up… what was once a gymrat douche doused in axe doing commentary for an underground party wrestledeathmachine has metamorphasized within a Brocoon and grown his brotterfly wings and we’re proud to say he’s now become a gymrat douche doused in axe who also goes to the finals in Las Vegas!


Judged personally by his old Tough Enough co-star Dwayne the Rock Johnson (The Tooth Fairy, 2010) , Broseph must now fill ONE WHOLE MINUTE with talking to win. Those who’ve been to the event or watched on our YouTube channel know how difficult for our brother this might be.  But if he can somehow Brovercome, he will be awarded a friggin sweet Rock the Promo Championship golden title belt – the classiest of ways to keep up those awful orange shorts he always wears.