January 6th “FIN” Results

Hoodslam: FIN


Friday, January 6, 2017

Oakland Metro Opera House

Oakland, CA

Sold Out Attendance


Live commentary by “Broseph” Joe Brody and the Golden Gig champion Pissed Off Nerdy Gamer (P.O.N.G.)


1. Brittany Wonder (with Doc Atrocity) def. “The Girl-Power Powerhouse” Heather Monroe.


2. Handicap match: “The Fuckin’ Machine” Brian Cage def. James C. and a cardboard cutout of JUICE Lee.


3. Fatal Four-Way Clusterfuck Match to determine the number one contender for the Golden Gig: Cereal Man def. “The King of Dong Style” Joey Ryan, Doc Atrocity (with Brittany Wonder), and Johnny “Drinko” Butabi to become the number one contender for P.O.N.G.’s Golden Gig.


– An injured Drugz Bunny announced that he will make his in-ring return at Hoodslam’s biggest show of the year, EnterTania on Friday, April 7.


5. Triple-Threat Tag Team match for the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship: The Stoner Brothers (Rick-Scott Stoner and Scott-Rick Stoner) def. Virgil Flynn III & “The Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra, and Ken & Ryu to become the new Intergalactic Tag Team Champions.


6. Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks: The New U (Pizza Cat, “Brutal” Rob Hands, and Coach Joey Nuggs) def. The CAUTION! (DARK Sheik, “The Talent” Ean Hancement and “The LINK to the Future” Anton Voorhess) to become the new Best Athletes in the East Bay. The New U awarded Pizza Cat both Fannypacks after the match.


The Aliens (Ambassador Drucilla and Troof & Conundrum) came out to warn everyone that the Walking Phoenix had arrived. The Walking Phoenix made its way to the ring, decimating everything in its path using its sheer strength and its mind control. Doc Atrocity revealed that he had constructed an inter-dimensional portal, and summoned the Dale Mehl and his Daleians from the BLOODSLAM universe. Already under impenetrable mind control, the Daleians overpowered the Walking Phoenix, and took it back to the BLOODSLAM universe. So, pretty much, Doc Atrocity saved Hoodslam.


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