In the wake of Hoodslam: Fanarchy Rulez

Did you know:

Last show Dark Sheik returned & we crowned new Golden Gig Champions?!

These guys! Dark Sheik & Juiced Lee

Bushwhacker Luke made his debut?!

The Trial of El Sparko came to a conclusion?!The shocking truth about Panthers assassination was revealed?!

It was KG the whole time proving El Sparko’s innocence and leading to KG being exiled from Hoodslam!

Plus! The good news that we all survived Doc Atrocity’s Doomsday Device….since it was empty, but his battle with those future fucks continues!

Of course you did. EVERYONE was there. But you can read and share this link to the results on to relive and spread the memories.

Check out all of the pictures from Fanarchy Rulez from Jesse Bowen & George Asencio on Facebook now!


And in just over a week, Drugz Bunny finally gets to be boss for the day at FTF IV: In Drugz We Trust!