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HEY YO…its survey time! In an attempt to bring you the best content ever EVER, we’d like to know what yall want from YOUR Hoodslam youtube channel. Are you enjoying kaboom of the weeks? Want more highlight reels or full matches? Do you miss the old full course episodes or do you enjoy the more recent easier to digest snacks we’ve been throwing out? What more would you like to see?

Furthermore, we’d like to start doing something new: do you have any burning questions about the life of a female wrestler? Maybe about being a twin? Perhaps you want to know what a coked up rabbit man has for breakfast? If so, youre in luck! You’ll soon be granted an opportunity to anonymously submit questions for some poor Hoodslammer.

But before we get to questions, we got pick our muse. So along with your awesome comments about http://www.youtube.com/hoodslam Hoodslam channel tell us who you wanna hear from!

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