Hoodslam Totally 90s EXTREME Results


Better late than never…


DNA Lounge, San Francisco

Commentary by Kurt Brobain, music by The Hoodslam Band

1. Gomez and Wednesday Adams (with Morticia and Thing) defeated Wayne and Garth after tandem chokeslam and tombstone from Thing and Wednesday.

2. Roofio defeated Rookie of the Year Rowengardner (sp?) after catching the floater and pelting his contemporary adolescent in the heart with a baseball.

3. Spawn defeated Violator

4. Bulk and Skull defeated the Power Rangers and Jay and Silent bob in a three way dance after Riv-Raven interfered. They then joined his flock, and along with emerging Puddies attacked all other participants. The Megazord appeared and laid waste to the Flock, the Puddies and even the rangers, and then celebrated with Jay and Silent Bob.

5. Captain Planet w/ the Planeteers defeated Cyclops w/ Emma Frost


6. Ace Ventura and Ernest Goes to Hoodslam defeated the blue world organization brother (Nightcrawler and Big Poppa Smurf) by dq when Tommy Pickles interfered.

– post match, the bWo attacked their opponents and referee. Then they had a 2 year birthdays for Tommy Pickles, presenting him with a new tryke, and a box mobody claimedto get. Inside was a faux head of Tommy Pickles. Crow Chucky then appeared from the rafters – who Pickles turned on in July 2015 when he joined the bwo – cleared the ring of Nightcrawler and Poppa Smurf.

7. Crow Chucky defeated Tinseltown Tommy Pickles with a scorpion deathlock to win the 90s Universe Championship D.A.R.E. fannypack.


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