Hoodslam: BLOODSLAM Results


Saturday, October 25, 2015 Retro Oakland Metro Opera House Oakland, CA Paid attendance: 290

Live commentary by Chad Kreuger.

Tonight’s musical guest was Broken Condoms, which is pretty much the scariest thing ever.

1. “The Dark Noche” Bat Manuel def. Count Chocula.

2. Pyramid Head and Nurse Ratchet def. Anton and Hayashi .

3. Techno Destructo (with his two mysterious space dominatrix handlers) def. “The Warlord of Weird” Sinn Bodhi in an invisible cage match.

4. Four-way match: Pogo def. Jason, Leatherface, and Chucky.

5. Donny Drinko def. Mr. Haydashi.

6. Brittany Jill Valentine vs. a zombie horde was thrown out when Pooh Jack and Mustafa arrived and fought off the zombie horde.

7. Death match: Ken def. Akuma.

8. Blade, Drugz Ash, Donnie Drinko, and Christina def. Nurse Ratchet, Jason X, Dark Link, and Edward from Twilight.

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