HoodFighter Tournament: Non Denominational Winter Season Celebrational Festivity…of Doom (Dec 7, 2012) Results


Oakland Metro

396 paid attendance

Commentary team for this evening was Joseph Brody and Count Dante, the band was named Jingllllleeeee BALLS


1. Virgil Eugene Flynn III defeated Blanka

2. RYU defeated Daniel San

3. Ken defeated AKUMA

4. Scorpion defeated Johnny Cage

Before the next match, the Pink Panther Party let the crowd know that the assassination of Pink Panther was a travesty, that the Panther’s legacy would live on, and that in January, in place of what was to be his innauguration ceremony after winning the Mayor of Hoodslam award, the Panther Party will be holding Panther Memorial Services.

5. East Bay Express Best Athlete in the Bay Award

DARK Sheik w/D. Faust defeated Grand Master G, Stoney Montana, and Ultragirl Brittany Wonder to retain the award of reader voted Best Athlete in the Bay

6. Double Dog Collar Match

El Chupacabra w/ Courtney Crimson defeated Otis the Gimp

HoodFighter Tournament SemiFinas

7. Ken and Scorpion fought to a double disqualification when AKUMA and Johnny Cage attacked both participants.  Official Senior Official El Sparko ruled that neither would move forward in the tournament, and the other semifinal would now become the final.

Super Red Rhino 2099 Arcade Challenge

Doc Atrocity pulled a swerve, and instead of accepting all challengers, made the challenge himself.  He revealed that he had possession of little Baby Hoodslam, the two headed abortion surviving child of Mathea II and (then zombie) Gorilla Vinny Butabi.  Gorilla Vinny came to the rescue of his offspring, and he and Doc Atrocity began to tug of war with the infant.  He was ripped in half, and Gorilla Vinny was attacked by the cyborg from the future Super Red Rhino 2099, though not officially beaten in any official capacity.


Scott Rik and Rik Scott Stoner defeated James and Drugz Bunny of the James Gang, Anthony and Johnny Drinko Butabi (The Knights of the Roxbury), and Mr Hoodslam II and Super Tiger (of the Panther Party) in a four corners tag match.

Post match, they extended an open challenge to any team, not just in Hoodslam, but from around the world.

HoodFighter Tournament Finals

10. Virgil Eugene Flynn III defeated RYU to become this years HoodFighter Champion