Fuck You Bro, and Fuck the Fans!

Dear Hoodslam fans,

Fuck you, bro. Seriously. You wanna hate on ME? For what? My taste in awesome music (LONG LIVE Nickelback)? My taste in AXE scents? The fact that I have to fight the pussy off with a stick night after night? The fact that I banged some big-tittied stripper bitch on a nationally-televised reality TV show? You hella jella.

I dare you to hate on me in person. I. Fucking. Dare you.

Bring the hate to the Oakland Metro Operahouse on Friday, October 3 for Hoodslam’s biggest show of the fall, Fuck the Fans V. I am going to crush-fuck every last one of you into oblivion. And it will be #BROeticJustice.

Fuck the fans. Fuck your day. And fuck you, too. BRO!!!

Your BROliness,


Broseph gets this reaction everywhere he goes.

Admit it, you hate his success. (This is not porn.)