El Flaco Loco VS Doc Atrocity for the control of Hoodslam

Doc Atrocity is high on a steroid concoction of power ever since defeating El Flaco Loco and taking control of Hoodslam. His plan is to annihilate the multiverse- starting with destroying Oakland!

Back in February an election was held to determine the Mayor of Hoodslam between El Flaco Loco, Doc Atrocity and our sometimes announcer. El Flaco Loco, Norcal wrestling legend and part time Hoodslam commentator delivered an impassioned speech that whipped the hundreds in attendance into a frenzy, and was shortly after named the official winner of the Mayor of Hoodslam election! This would not last long as they would challenge again for in a “Loser Leaves Hoodslam for 90 days” match at Entertania, with Doc Atrocity winning after pouring zombie sauce into the eyes of El Flaco Loco.

With no one to stop him, Doc Atrocity would crave more power- by declaring himself also in control of Oakland, San Francisco and the rest of the world. Broseph Brody was finally disgusted by his actions when Doc interrupted his birthday party and beat him in a match to continue the celebration.

Upset by his loss, Doc Atrocity tried to exact revenge last month by interrupting the show and assaulting Broseph along with his sideshow freaks, beating him into a pile of glitter. In a surprising return, El Flaco Loco entered for the save and cleared the ring of the sideshow freaks- claiming that he is the original Mayor of Hoodslam! Now they will meet again Oct 3rd at BROetic Justice to settle who is the one true Mayor! FTF!

Hoodslam presents Fuck the Fans V: BROetic Justice • Friday, October 3 • Oakland Metro Operahouse (630 Third Street in Oakland, CA) • 8:30pm • $10 at the door • 21 and over • Full bar • Live music from The Hoodslam Band • DON’T BRING YOUR FUCKING KIDS!