Fuck The Fans 7 HD Highlights

HD highlights courtesy of Mark Johnston resonate through the hallows of memory.  Though not featured here, none could forget the end of that night when PONG made his return to Hoodslam after a lengthy absence, and won the 30 Entity Rumble to claim the vacant Golden Gig!

Also: Virgil Flynn III and El Chupacabra advanced to the final round of the SkyDreamers Miracle Ecstasy Double Chaos Redondo of Blood Round-Robin Intergalactic Tag Team Championship Tournament! They await the winners of Ryu and Ken v DARK Sheik and a Mystery Partner (A temporary replacement for the rest of The CAUTION ) in Reno the 28th to see who they’ll face in the finals November 4th, first friday in Oakland.

We also saw the debut of Ricky Vendetta from Fight Club Finland, a bloody brawl between Referee Guido and Johnny Drinko Butabi AND the debut of King of Dong Style Joey Ryan vs Christina von Eerie!


The full event is online at our Hoodslammery YouTube Channel; for 1.99 a month you can see every Hoodslam we film!