El Flaco Loco is Mayor of Hoodslam!

El Flaco Loco is new Mayor of Hoodslam! Finding an authority figure for Hoodslam has not been a simple task. Firstly, Pink Panther, the should be mayor, was assassinated in November 2012 without ever serving a day of his term. El Sparko, masked referee and Official Senior Official of our humble event, became defacto authority figure – but his subsequent trial left him stripped of any Official power. Once more, we were in dire need of someone to control the chaos.

It was announced a new election would take place late in 2013, so that the slain Pink Panthers bloodied crown could be washed off and restored anew! Mr. Hoodslam 2, former proud member of the Panther Party, was the first to throw his name in the hat, hoping to fulfill the legacy of his fallen leader. Doc Atrocity was next to enter, confident that winning Mayor of Hoodslam would bridge the gap between where he is now and his destiny of taking control of Hoodslam by the year 2099. Lastly, Sean Michaels Allen became a candidate, believing that through a position of power he could enact a revenge upon the fans who booed him so ravenously during his brief stint as ring announcer in wake of the beloved Ike Burners sudden disappearance.

However, Mr Hoodslam 2 never showed up for the election. This left the hated Sean Michaels Allen and the twisted Doc Atrocity as the only viable options. Things looked bleak. But in an unprecedented twist, hope came from a third party.

El Flaco Loco, Norcal wrestling legend and part time Hoodslam commentator charged the scene. He delivered an impassioned speech that whipped the hundreds in attendance into a frenzy, and was shortly after named the official winner of the Mayor of Hoodslam election!

February 7th, no whistles blown, no flags thrown, no instant replay needed – El Flaco has his first day on the job!