Crossroads of Destiny – The Road to EnterTania (March 7, 2014) Results

Hoodslam Show Results
“Crossroads of Destiny – The Road to EnterTania”
Friday, March 7, 2014
Oakland, Calif. at the Oakland Metro Opera House
Paid attendance: 1,042

On this night, the Hoodslam Band was known as “The American Cream” Dusty Loads.

Live commentary by “Broseph” Joe Brody (WWE Tough Enough’s A.J. Kirsch), and the mayor of Hoodslam, El Flaco Loco.

(1) EL Chupacabra (w/Courtney Crimson) beat Drake Younger with the Adios powerbomb.

(2) Shelly Martinez (as “Bat Shelly,” w/Robin) & Bat Manuel beat Moshpit Mike & “Superhero” Kevin Douglas, Sexy Chino & Rocky Piñasco, Ken & Ryu, and Team GAME OVER (Pissed Off Nerdy Gamer & F’n Obese Nerdy Gamer) in a tag-team elimination gauntlet match.

(3) Sub-Zero (w/Queen Sindel and Princess Kitana) beat Zangief with the freeze/Lin Kuei uppercut combo after Sindel stunned Zangief with the sonic scream.

(4) The Stoner Brothers (Rick-Scott & Scott-Rick w/Coach Joey Nuggs and Missy High-as-S—) beat Manimal & Soundwave in a Smoklahoma Iron Lung Challenge.

(5) Drugz Bunny beat “Ultragirl” Brittany Wonder with the Coke Slam in the final of a best-of-three series to become the number one contender for the Best Athlete in the East Bay Award at EnterTania.

(6) DARK Sheik & Juiced Lee beat The Knights of the Roxbury (Johnny Drinko Butabi & Anthony Butabi) when Juiced Lee hit a springboard moonsault on Anthony Butabi to retain the Golden Gig. Immediately following the match, Mayor Flaco signed DARK Sheik vs. Juiced Lee for the Golden Gig as the main event at EnterTania.

(7) Virgil Flynn III beat James C. with the 450 splash to retain the Best Athlete in the East Bay award. As a result, Virgil Flynn III will defend his Best Athlete in the East Bay award against Drugz Bunny at EnterTania.

(8) El Flaco Loco & El Chupacabra & El Futurecabra beat United Sideshows and Atrocities (Doc Atrocity & Super Mutant Red Rhino 2099 & Big Van Faber) in a six-man tag match when El Flaco Loco pinned Doc Atrocity with a magistral cradle.

Following the match, Flaco challenged Doc Atrocity to a Loser Leaves Town match at EnterTania. Atrocity accepted.

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– FYI: Hoodslam is a 21+ event and runs at the Oakland Metro Opera House every first Friday of the month and will return on St. Patrick’s Day (Monday, March 17) for Monday Night Hoodslam: Raw is St. Patrick’s Day. This leads into Hoodslam’s four-year anniversary show at the Oakland Metro Opera House on Friday, April 4 when Hoodslam presents EnterTania.