3/30 Sexy Good Time Wrestle Show Results!

30581640_10215604331202528_2501027690606231552_n (1) From Oasis in San Francisco

Hosted by Wonder Dave, Earl and Broseph Joe Brody

Music by the Hoodslam Band


  1. Nurse Ratchet defeated Thicc Martel with “Princess Die”
  2. Coach Joey Nuggs (w/Brutal Rob Hands of The New U) defeated Scott Rick Stoner after interference by Brutal Rob Hands
  3. Richard Shhhnary defeated Silent Assassin Jean Pierre in a Sanctum of SilenceĀ  Match
  4. Earl defeated Shotzi Blackheart, Berkeley Brawler and Steve Tresario in a Fatal Four Way
  5. Ken Masters and Zangev Darevko defeated Calvin and Hobbes
  6. Anthony Butabi defeated Super Tiger, Glorious Banana and Manny Faberino in a Fatal Four Way
  7. Otis the Gimp defeated the other Earl


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