At the October Horrorslam event, a horrible truth was revealed: Doc Atrocity and DARK Sheik have joined forces. It’s no mystery why, it’s just confusing as shit HOW.

photo by Jesse Bowen

DARK Sheik, after quitting Hoodslam last June, made his return in September. But he wasn’t gone for three months – it was more like 86 years. Due to his twice dead (de)composition, the DARK Sheik survived through the decades, and met up with a twisted and deformed Doc Atrocity somewhere around the year 2099…

During the summer, the Doc Atrocity of 2013 was qutie busy, attempting to secure a guity verdict in the Trial of El Sparko. He was unsuccessful, as it was proven that JuggalOG Kevin Gill was the guilty culprit, and he was the one sent into exile. During the crazy caper, Resistances fighter from the future came back in time to stop Doc Atrocity IN 2013 so that he can’t fuck up their lives, and the world, in 2099 (by supposedly turning Hoodslam in a global corporate monster conglomerate…or whatever).

2099 Doc Atrocity is aware of their actions, and he sent back a doomsday device to defeat the heroic future fucks (his words, not mine). That doomsday device IS the returned DARK Sheik, and he has promised the Doc Atrocity of 2013 that all future business will be settled December 6th ath the Oakland Metro. Can these two ego maniacs trust each other? Will the resistance fighters of the future succeed in their mission? If they do, will they exist anymore? Cuz it’d be a boner to win and then just dissapear.