Two July Shows at the Metro!

That’s right, we’re doing two shows at the Metro again this month too! The summer keeps heating up, and Hoodslam rises with the mercury. Once more, you lucky souls get double the Hoodslam, DOUBLE THE FUN(K).

On 4th of July, we pay tribute to this amazingly graceful hunk of freedom meat in the only twisted way we know how – debauchery and intoxication mixed with brilliant artistic expression and death defying athleticism (plus a stuffed pony we drag around). Action will be PACKED! STARS WILL BE SPANGLED!

Then on July 18th we do it again with Boyz in the Hoodslam 4! We’ll be paying tribute to a little thing we called Saturday Mornings. It’ll be like Ron Burgandy’s wedding; on top of a mountain, flutes playing, trombones and flowers, and garlins of fresh herbs- and we will dance UNTIL THE SUN RISES, except YOU ARE INVITED.