Top of the SkyDreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup


“The Top of the SkyDreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup is a point based tournament beginning in July and spanning multiple events, ending September 5th at the Oakland Metro Operahouse.

10 competitors will be split into two groups:

Block A : El Chupacabra, Anthony Butabi, Drugz Bunny, Virgil Flynn III, & Link

Block 1 : Brian Kendrick, DARK Sheik, James C, Jonathon Butabi & Ryu

All competitors will fight each other within their own groups.

July 4th Results July 18th Results
The Brian Kendrick beat Shiek The Brian Kendrick beat James
Jonathon Butabi beat James Antony Butabi beat Virgil Flyn III
Drugz Bunny beat Anthony Butabi Link and El Chupacabra had a draw
  Jonathon Butabi beat Ryu

Upcoming Events

  • July 27th Secret Fanclub Show
  • August 1st Oakland Metro
  • August 23rd TBA
  • Sept 5th Oakland Metro