Top of the Skydreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup tournament continues this Saturday in SF!

“The Top of the SkyDreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup” is a point based tournament beginning in July and spanning multiple events, ending Sep 5th. This Saturday the tournament continues at TheZspaceSF, as hoodslam competitors compete to win a big cup of eXstacy!

El Chupacabra vs Anthony ButabiSkydreamermariclecup

El Chupacabra vs Drugz Bunny

Drugz Bunny vs Link,

Link vs Virgil Flynn III

Virgil Flynn III vs Drugz Bunny

All competitors will fight each other within their own groups until elimination at 10 points per win. So two of them have advanced and Block 1 is done. Block A has 5 matches remaining and all of them will happen in a row on Aug 23rd in an order to be determined:

Block A

Block 1

El Chupacabra – 5 points

Brian Kendrick – 30 points

Anthony Butabi – 10 points

DARK Sheik – Out

Drugz Bunny – 10 points

James C – 10 points/ Out

Virgil Flynn III – 10 points

Jonathon Butabi – 30 points

Link – 15 points

Ryu – Out

July 4th tournament results

The Brian Kendrick defeated Shiek with a sliced bread #2

Jonathon Butabi defeated James C.

Drugz Bunny defeated Anthony Butabi with a Cokeslam

July 18th tournament results

Antony Butabi defeated Virgil Flyn III

Jonathon Butabi defeated Ryu

The Brian Kendrick defeated James with a sliced bread #2

Link and El Chupacabra fought to a draw

July 27th tournament results

Jonathan Butabi defeated Dark sheik

Aug 1st tournament results

Virgil Flynn III def. El Chupacabra with a pair of 450 splashes.

Link def. “The Knight of the Roxbury” Anthony Butabi with the Rupee Cutter.

James C. (with Stony Montana) def. DARK Sheik with the Gang Bang Piledriver.

The Brian Kendrick defeated Ryu with a sliced bread #2

HoodSlam Francisco: Bright Lights, GiG City
August 23rd, 2014 doors 7:30pm, show 8:00pm
The Z Space
450 Florida St
San Francisco, Ca
cover TBA, 21&up, dontbringyourfnkids