The End is Nigh (and Fri…day)

The official notice has been given…


Ambassador to the Galaxy Drucilla, along with Troof & Conundrum arrived in Hoodslam June 2016 with a simple task – to retrieve the Intergalactic Tag Team Champions. The tag champions HAD traveled to Hoodslam – albeit 5 years ago in late 2011 when they confronted a budding genesplicer named Doc Atrocity and his companion Zombie Vinny Butabi; This would be the untimely demise of the former Intergalactic Tag Team Champions.


Drucilla demanded new champions be crowned, and a tournament was hastily arranged. 10 teams would be put into two groups of 5. The groups battled in Round Robin competition, and whoever could get the most wins within their group would fight the winner of the other group.  The winner of that would be the new Intergalactic Tag Team Champions.


Not many asked questions, and the Top of the SkyDreamers Miracle eXstacy Cup returned: This time Double Chaos Redondo of Blood.  Block A had The Caution, New U, James and Juice Lee, West Side Playas 2099 and winners Ryu and Ken. Block 1 had Doc Atrocity and Brittany Wonder, The Knights of the Roxbury, Aliens Troof and Conundrum, The Stoner Brothers and winners El Chupacabra and Virgil Flynn III.







El Chupacabra and Virgil Flynn III would win the entire tournament and claim the vacant championship, but only now could the real battle begin.


It was revealed that the tournament- and more specifically the Champions – had a purpose. Ambassador Drucilla explained that the Champions, and generations of champions before that, stood as a last defense against an ancient destroyer – The Walking Phoenix.


The Walking Phoenix: immortal, immune to weaponry, immune to persuasion, capable of controlling minds and matter. A moving doomsday device, neither good nor evil, driven by consumption.  Unfathomable, it’s trajectory pointed to Earth.  And so, for the first time ever, the chosen guardians of our reality will face their destiny, and global damnation in The Walking Phoenix.


What began as a tournament may have instead been a going away party.


January 6th, Hoodslam “FIN”