Still Your Golden Gig Champion!

Holy $#@!, is Juiced Lee the most dominant champion to ever step into a Hoodslam arena? He must be, because he just defended the his title again against fan favorite Pooh Jack last Friday to retain the Golden Gig Championship! Pooh Jack is one of hoodslam’s toughest competitors who brings every weapon he can fit into a trashcan- kendo sticks, crutches, and assorted computer parts to smash his opponents whenever he appears in the ring. But last Friday Pooh Jack fought on an even playing field and ended up with his head bashed into a trashcan while Juiced Lee stomped onto him from the top-rope!

While Juice Lee has been known to rip the internal organs out of his opponents, he has the honor of the Golden Gig championship to uphold; so he joined the fans in showing respect for Pooh Jacks’ effort. Pooh Jack is just the latest wrestler to fall before Juiced Lee’s martial prowess; Dark Sheik, Drugz Bunny and Bat Manuel have all felt his rage. How many bodies must fall before he wins the respect of the Hoodslam fans? Since he is a fighting champion he will probably return Oct. 3rd for BROetic Justice!

Hoodslam: FTF V – BROetic Justice

October 3rd, 2014 doors 8:30, show 9pm
630 3rd Street, Oakland Metro Operahouse
$10 cover, 21&up, dontbringyourfnkids