Smokelahoma Ironlung Challenge Sept 5

Scott Rick. Rick Scott. The Stoner Brothers. From Stoner University. It’s in Bluntsville, Smokelahoma. That’s where their old coach Joey Nuggs resurfaced from. And where he brought Stoner U head cheerleader Missy Hyasshit from. And where he first met the Stoner Brothers hydrogen dioxide assistant, Waterboy Bobby Burgerhands. Godamn this stable got big. Anyway, they’re gonna make it real real simple for the fans. They’re gonna come to the ring, they’re gonna bring that sticky, and they’re gonna have a Smokelahoma Ironlung Challenge. For those that don’t know, think of a last man standing match. But instead of the referee administering a ten count to a fallen wrestler, he will instead administer a lit blunt to the guy who knocked him down. When said fallen wrestler arises, the referee will administer said blunt, and the match will continue in form. Whoever can incapacitate (inebriate?) their opponent long enough to finish the blunt will be declared the winner. Where do the fans come in? “SHOW ME MAH OPPONENT” – Lil Wayne. You will decide who will take place in the ancient battle of the smoklahoman…smoklahomians…smokelahomies. yeah, i like that one.


September 5th, 2014 doors 8:30, show 9pm
630 3rd Street, Oakland Metro Operahouse
$10 cover, 21&up, dontbringyourfnkids – social media, we’re @Hoodslam