El Chupacabra

Height: 5’9” (when in a full upright position)
Weight: 180lbs
Theme Music: “Chupacabra” by Aids Benedict
Finisher: Adios Powerbomb
Hometown: The Mexican Badlands
Favorite Snack: Goat (con salsa verde)
Affiliation: Displayed Labors Sideshow, tag partner of Hornswagger
Rivals: Juiced Lee, DARK Sheik, Zombie Vinny Butabi


El Chupacabra was not always the beast he is today.  At one time he was a normal human being, a citizen of a small town on the outskirts of the Mexican Badlands.  But one night, he heard noises from the nearby forestry.  Upon investigating, he was bitten in the darkness, his assailant never fully seen.

The elders of his village recognized the bite marks as that of a dark creature.  The legends told that it’s poisonous bite would kill a man in days, if not hours.  El Chupacabra, through various means of strength and will, never did succumb to the poison, but his body and mind were altered forever.  What once was man, became beast.

El Chupacabra first entered Hoodslam as the protector of Kassy Summers.  When she couldn’t hang in the hood, Courtney Crimson of Displayed Labors Sideshow adopted the feral beast, and he forged a friendship with the Lyrical Leprechaun Hornswaggar.

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