POST entertania news and views….

8 years of Hoodslam have come and gone, and it’s never been more on a poppin’…

  • Juiced Lee, after breaking his leg in two places at Entertania VII returned one year later to win the whole tournament, and the Golden Gig
  • James C had sworn to his buddy Drugz Bunny that he would help him get sober and win that Gig from PONG (as PONG would not defend against a Drugz on drugs).  When Drugz was injured, he went as far as to say he would win the Gig and hand it over himself, but when Juiced Lee entered the match, he was torn between his friend he’d helped for months, and the one he hadn’t seen in a year…
  • ALSO, The CAUTION (CAUTION) were successful in fighting back El Chupacabra and Funnybone, and even won back the box!  Within it was the skull of robot DARK Sheik, the mentor of Ean Hancement and 1/3rd of The CAUTION, a group he founded.  Not to be confused with the organic DARK Sheik that Doc Atrocity accidentally lost to the multiverse in a time travel experiment gone awry…
  • ALSO CAUTION-Y, Ean Hancement has reported a fracture in some fancy bone in his right arm.  No word yet on how this will affect the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship he and Anton so proudly just defended.
  • Hoodslam is back on 4/20 for Hoodslam 4:20 and then May 4th for PSYCHOPHORIA
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