Live free or die Coked up

Life has been up and down for Drugz Bunny lately. In June, he agreed that if he lost to James C. he would get back in line within the James Gang. He did, and the last few months were hell for him – with the exception that he won August’s Battle Royal of Supremacy and would get to dictate the matches in October. But instead of using his powers to torment his boss James C., they made a deal. Drugz would allow James to team with him to battle for the Golden Gig IF AND ONLY IF he was released from the James Gang. If they won, they’d then fight each other for the Gig. Welp, they didn’t. And now, James C. and Drugz Bunny have one more brawl between them. It’s been dubbed a prohibition match, and while nobody knows exactly what that means, we do know that it will inexplicably take place at 80’s for the Ladies 2, and this Bunnymen and 1920’s Gangster have one last ass beating to hand out to each other.