Sonjas Country Inn, Knightsen California

Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody and a man called Aman

Special UNPLUGGED ACOUSTIC versions of the Hoodslam music by the Hoodslam band!

Winneres of matches are granted the special chance to remove the sacred Knightsen Corn Sword from the Stone, and become Sir or Lady of this land.

  • Manny Faberino came to the ring to challenge Donnie Drinko, who is presumed dead after last Bloodslam but some think may be in hiding.  A “Steve the Cock Fighter” accepted the challenge instead, saying if he loses he’ll shave his mustache.  If he wins, Manny must grow one (over his beard).  Also, its an ambulance match.  But theirs no ambulance, so they used the uhaul the ring came in.
  1. Steve The Cockfighter defeated Manny Faberino by locking him in the uHaul

A man named Aman came to the ring, and declared he was a Stoner U student, ready to claim his spot.  On sight of the entrants in the next match, he left rapidly and did not debut.

2. Nurse Ratchet defeated Richard Shhnary, Slayer Rask, Big B and Dr Indiana Banana Pajama jones in a 4 way match.

3. The Stoner Brothers defeated New U Coach Joey Nuggs and Brutal Rob Hands in an Iron Lung Last Person Smoking Challenge to retain the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship

4. Cal Jack defeated Super Beast

5. Brittany Wonder defeated Drugz Bunny to retain the Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks in a Fanny Packs in a Tree Match after her superfans climbed up and tossed it to her.

6. MegaZord won a gauntlet match featuring Richard Shhnary, Brutal Rob Hands, Juan Solo, John Kendrick, a puddy, Banana Indiana Jones again, Nurse Ratchet, a man called Aman, Manny from the uHaul and Super Beast.


  • none were able to move the Corn Sword from the Stone.