Hoodslam: The Opera Nov 21, 22, 23

Just in case there’s any confusion about just what the hell @Hoodslam: The Opera is…

You’re NOT gonna see your favorite Hoodslam characters attempt to sing opera. That’d probably suck. What you WILL see are professional singers from the Oakland Opera portraying your favorite Hoodslam characters, and then your ACTUAL favorite Hoodslam characters duking it out in the ring. You’ll hear The Hoodslam Band play your favorite themes and anthems accompanied by a 16-piece orchestra. And you’ll get a one-of-a-kind (maybe two-of-a-kind) look at one of Hoodslam’s most tragic stories.

8:30pm this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night at the Oakland Metro Operahouse. $10 for general admission, $20 for a seat.

This is not to be missed. This is real. This is mother…fucking…Hoodslam: The Opera! #Hoodslam