Hoodslam – Saturday 32x Expansion Pack! Results

Hoodslam – Saturday 32x Expansion Pack!

Saturday, June 11, 2016
Oakland Metro Opera House
Oakland, CA
Paid attendance: 177

Live commentary by Dr. BRObotnik.

1. Triple Threat match: Lara Croft (of Tomb Raider) def. Vault Dweller (of Fallout 4) and Paperman (formerly Paperboy of Paperboy).

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hyperstone Heist Race to Dick Mountain Challenge for Freedom handicap match: The Foot Clan (two Foot soldiers, Rocksteady, and Krang, with Shredder) def. Casey Jones.

3. Fatal Four-way match: Misty (of Pokémon) def. Sweet Tooth (of Twisted Metal), Spider-Man (of Spider Man: Maximum Carnage), and Altair (of Assassin’s Creed).

During the tape change, while music from the Battletoads “pause” screen played, Dr. BRObotnik invited Team Final Fight (Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar, Guy, and Cody with Nicole, who is not only Cody’s girlfriend, but is also Mike Haggar’s daughter) to join him in the ring to booze up the fans. As Mike Haggar was about to address the crowd, Evil Ryu, Violent Ken (both of Street Fighter), and Morrigan (of Darkstalkers) ambushed Team Final Fight and kidnapped Nicole.

4. Tag team match: Team Final Fantasy (Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII and Squall Leonheart of Final Fantasy VIII) def. John Martsen (of Red Dead Redemption) and Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney (of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)..

5. Tag team match: Scarecrow and The Joker (with Harley Quinn, all three of Batman: Arkham Asylum) def. Arkham Asylum Bat Manuel and Lobo (of Injustice: Gods Among Us).

6. Six-person tag team match: Team Final Fight (Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar, Guy, and Cody) def. Evil Ryu and Violent Ken (of Street Fighter) and Morrigan (of Darkstalkers) to rescue Mike Haggar’s daughter/Cody’s girlfriend, Nicole.

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