Hoodslam In Our House 3: Good Friends, Better Frenemies (December 20, 2013) Results

Hoodslam In Our House 3: Good friends, better frenemies

1) The Subruban Commandos defeated The Stoner Brothers. Afterwards, The Stoners old Coach Joey Nuggs from Stoner U appeared, ready with clipboard and whistle. He said he would whip these boys back into Golden Gig shape, and started by putting them through drills immediately before allowing them to take part in any doobage.

2) Guano Loco defeated Lucha Magnifico with a pile driver.

– Mr. Hoodslam 2, Hoodslams own crotchety old man veteran wrestler, told the fans that he would be entering his name into the election for Mayor of Hoodslam in January, running on the platform of tradition.

– Johnny Drinko informed the crowd that Virgil Flynn III had caught his ire by having so many great matches. He swore to make Virgil have WORST match of the year, and included the rule that he and Virgil would drink liquor for every knife edge chop executed in the match.

3)Johnny Drinko, Anthony Butabi, and Anthony Butabi 2099 defeated Virgil Flynn III, Ultragirl Brittany Wonder, and Jesus Cruz.

4) F.O.N.G. defeated PB&J Banana after tying him to the corner and devouring a bag of his relatives.

5) DARK Sheik,El Chupacabra and Christina Von Eerie defeated Ken, Zangief and Scorpion after Zangief gave a pile driver to everyone in the match, including his partners.

– DARK Sheik informed the crowd that at Jan 3rd, he refuses to defend the Golden Gig with the coholder Juiced Lee. He instead issued a challenge, DARK Sheik and Christina Von Eerie v Juiced Lee and a mystery partner

6) Juiced Lee defeated James to defend the Golden Gig