Hoodslam: 80’s For The Ladies 2: Electric Boogaloo (November 1, 2013) Results

Hoodslam “80’s For The Ladies 2: Electric Boogaloo” results
Oakland Metro Operahouse in Oakland, CA
attendance: 650+
Hoodslam Band: Nudist Priest
Hosted by: Broseph Brody w/ guest: Caesar Black & Doc Atrocity

* “Vampire Warrior” Gangrel defeated Broseph Brody with an Impaler DDT in an impromptu “BROpen Challenge” match.

* Rocky 4 & “Karate Kid” Daniel San (Team 80’s Cinema) defeated Lil’ Mac & Toad (Team 80’s Nintendo) when Daniel “swept the leg.”

* EBX Best Athlete Virgil Flynn defeated “Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger in a Match Of The Year candidate.

* Knights Of The Roxbury (Anthony & Johnny Drinko Butabi) defeated Stoner Bros. (Rick-Scott & Scott-Rick), Doc Atrocity & El Chupacabra, Otis the Gimp & mystery partner Big Van Faber in a 4-way tag match.

* Golden Gig champions Dark Sheik & Juiced Lee defeated “Ultra Girl” Brittany Wonder & PBJ Banana.

* Drugz Bunny defeated James in a 1920’s Prohibition match to win exclusive rights to the James Gang’s theme music “Hotstepper.”