fb_img_1474905595437Hoodslam had the honor of performing THERE throbbing sets at the most massive leather and dick festival any of us have ever seen! Here’s how it went down;

Commentary provided by Broseph Joe Brody and Wonder Dave

Set 1:

1. Coach Nuggs defeated Richard Shhhhhnary

2. The Stoner Brothers defeated Hayward Heat

3. PBJ Banana fought Bobby Burgerhands

4. Russian Lover Zangev and Harley Quinn defeated Anthony Butabi and Brittany Wonder

Set 2:

1. Pooh Jack defeated Richard Shhhhhnary

2. Anthony Butabi defeated Russian Lover Zangev

3. Brittany Wonder defeated Harley Quinn

4. The Stoner Brothers defeated Coach Nuggs and Bobby Burgerhands

Set 3:

1. Pooh Jack defeated Rob Banks

2. Anthony Butabi, Brittany Wonder and The Stoner Brothers defeated Zangev, Richard Shhhhhnary, DARK Sheik and Coach Nuggs


Photos of the event courtesy of Bear Z Bub can be seen here on fakebucks.


See ya next year! Look forward to the hang out with the wang out.