2014 Hood Fighter Tournament (Dec. 5th) Results

From PWTorch.com

Hoodslam presents the 2014 Hoodfighter Tournament
Friday, December 5, 2014
Oakland, Calif. at the Oakland Metro Opera House

The venue was sold out. Live commentary by “Broseph” Joe Brody (WWE Tough Enough’s A.J. Kirsch) and the former mayor of Hoodslam, El Flaco Loco.

(1) Hoodfighter Tournament opening round: “The Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra beat “Rock Legend SCUM” Adam Thornstowe.

(2) Hoodfighter Tournament opening round: Missy High-as-s— beat Marty McF—.

(3) Hoodfighter Tournament opening round: “The Hero of HIGHrule” Link beat Rick-Scott Stoner.

(4) Hoodfighter Tournament opening round: DARK Sheik beat Anthony Butabi.

(5) Hoodfighter Tournament semi-final round: DARK Sheik beat Missy High-as-s— with the Go-To-Sheik. DARK Sheik advances to the finals of the Hoodfighter Tournament.

(6) Eight-person tag-team match: Cereal Man & Bat Manuel & “Ultragirl” Brittany Wonder & Scorpion as “Broseph” Joe Brody (BROpion) beat Doc Atrocity & Best Athlete in the East Bay Award co-holders GAME OVER (P.O.N.G. & F.O.N.G. & “Super Barrio Brother” Jesus Cruz when Bat Manuel hit Doc Atrocity with the Bat-O-Ram.

(7) Hoodfighter Tournament semi-final round: Link beat “The Mexican Werewolf” El Chupacabra with a Rupee Cutter off the top rope. Link advances to the finals of the Hoodfighter Tournament.

(8) Triple threat match: Virgil Flynn III beat James C. and Scott-Rick Stoner with a 450 splash on James.

(9) Golden Gig: Juiced Lee beat Johnny “Drinko” Butabi with a moonsault off the top rope to retain the Golden Gig.

(10) Hoodfighter Tournament finals: “The Hero of HIGHrule” Link beat DARK Sheik with a Spinning Rupee Cutter to become the 2014 Hoodfighter Tournament Champion.

[ FYI: A five-minute highlight reel featuring cool moments from the 2014 Hoodfighter Tournament is HERE. This show and previous shows can be found HERE.

Hoodslam runs at the Oakland Metro Opera House every first Friday of the month and will return on Friday, January 2. Follow Hoodslam on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, all @Hoodslam ]