Hoodslam – In Our House: Victory at Last (August 16, 2013)

Private show for FTFanclub Members

Anthony Butabi and Brittany Wonder def Johnny Drinko Butabi and FONG
Chupacabra def Broseph Joe Brody
Super Mutant Red Rhino 2099 BLACK def Doc Atrocity in a fast paced, hard hitting classic.
Otis the Gimp def Mr Hoodslam 2
Scorpion and Sub Zero def Ken and Ryu, but post match Scorpion hit Sub Zero with. Harpoon uppercut Kombo
The Stoner Bros vs James Gang went to a FTF finish when half the locker room ran in and then Pooh Jack and the Stoners basically beat up everyone in the end. Stoners retain the GIG