Hoodslam: EnterTania II – Turning Lane, March 26, 2015

Hoodslam: EnterTania II – Turning Lane
Thursday, March 26, 2015
Oakland Metro Opera House
Oakland, CA
Paid attendance: 253

Tonight’s musical guest was Zoopy Monsters

Live commentary by Broseph Joe Brody, Trina Michaels, and “the innovator of the selfie” Sonny Oono.

1. Drugz Bunny def. Ken (with Cammy and Cammy’s Ass) with a White Swan Dive off the top rope.

2. Six-man elimination match: Link def. Manimal, Fucking Obese Nerdy Gamer (FONG), Virgil Flynn III, Zangief (and Player 2 Zangief), and Doc Atrocity when Link hit the Rupee Cutter on Manimal.

3. Predator Chupacabra def. DARK Sheik with an Adios Powerbomb off the second rope.

4. Six-man tag team match: The Knights of the Roxbury (Johnny “Drinko” Butabi, Anthony Butabi, and cousin “Party Animal” Belushi Butabi) def. “Super Barrio Brother” Jesus Cruz and Los Naturales (Chuy and Ruben) when “Drinko” and Anthony hit a double Roxbury Bottom.

5. Scorpiundertaker Jesus def. THE Brian Kendrick (with Kendrick’s bodyguard) when Kendrick attempted to block Scorpion’s spear with Butternuts. Butternuts then hit Kendrick with the Butternuts Nut Buster. Scorpion covered Kendrick to score the pinfall.

6. Stoner U open challenge: The team of Sexy Chino & Charlie Chaplin def. The Stoner Bros (Rick-Scott Stoner & Scott-Rick Stoner, with Coach Joey Nuggs and “Waterboy” Bobby Burgerhands) and the team of Cereal Man & “Ultragirl” Brittany Wonder.

7. Juiced Lee (with Sonny Oono) def. “New Age Punisher” B-Boy when Juiced Lee hit a top-rope moonsault for the pinfall, following the distraction from Sonny Oono.

8. Golden Gig championship: “Vampire Warrior” Gangrel def. James C. (with Stony Montana) with the Impaler DDT to become the new Golden Gig champion.

To see this show and previous shows in their entirety, check out www.SmartMarkVideo.com/Hoodslam

Hoodslam runs at the Oakland Metro Opera House every first Friday of the month and will return for a triple shot the last weekend of March: Thursday, March 26, Friday, March 27, and Saturday, March 28, all of which lead up to Hoodslam’s biggest show of the year on Friday, April 3: EnterTania V.