Goodslam – Friends Till Forever (AKA Finish the Fight) (April 1, 2013) Results

Hoodslam results from the Coliseum –

“Goodslam – Friends Till Forever (AKA Finish the Fight)”
Attendance – 55’000+ (top THAT)

1. Brittany Wonder def Akuma
2. “The Super Bario Brother” Jesus Kruze def Levi Shapiro with help from Butternuts
3. Ryu def DARK Sheik w/D FAUST
4. Stoner Bros (Scott Rick and Rick Scott Stoner) def Knights of the Roxbury (Anthony and Johnny Drinko Butabi) to retain the Golden Gig
5. Lucha Magnifico def Prawn Cena
6, Knights of the Roxbury, Ryu, Jesus Kruze and Brittany Wonder def Stoner Bros, Levi Shapiro, DARK Sheik (w/ D FAUST) and DARK Butternuts in a 5 on 5 elimination match

commit to memory. Expect a quiz.