Christina Von Eerie and DARK Sheik v Drake Younger and Juiced Lee

Special throwback from January of this year, the full Dream Partner Tag Match of DARK Sheik and CHRISTINA VON EERIE v. DRAKE YOUNGER and Juiced Lee !

From January 2014, Hoodslams “Last Years Resolution: The Sequel” event! DARK Sheik and Juiced Lee were the current Golden Gig Champions – but neither got along very well. Taking a break from defending the championship, the two took part in a Dream Partner Tag Match against each other!

DARK Sheik chose his sister and tag partner from many previous occasions, Christina Von Eerie!

Juiced Lee teamed with someone he’d never been in the ring with before, the best damn referee in the business – and a fucking awesome wrestler, too – Drake Younger.

Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody and Doc Atrocity.