fb_img_1477267143955Hoodslam presents BLOODSLAM


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Oakland Metro Opera House

Oakland, CA

Paid attendance: 530-something-ish?


Live commentary by “Broseph” Joe Brody as JACKED Skellington.


Tonight’s musical guest was Ghoul.


1. Donnie Drinko def. Big Van J.


2. Nurse Ratchet def. Dozer.


3. Pogo the Clown and Chucky def. Toby and Big Van J.


4. Officer Brittany def. Leatherface.


5. Van Helsing and Blade def. The Brood (Edge & Christian)


6. Scarecrow def. Stones.


7. Donnie Drinko, Toby, Officer Brittany and Officer “Big” Bosman def. Doc Atrocity, Nurse Ratchet, and seven Daelians.


8. Donnie Drinko def. Dael Mehl to survive his second consecutive BLOODSLAM.


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