Fuck the Fans 8 10/6/17 Results!

Oakland Metro Operahouse Stoner U Pre Show – Commentary by Screaming Eagle Mike O Shea and Scott Rickerson, Ring Announcer Sean Michaels Allen Super Beast defeated Hip Hop Harry at wrestling Drugz Bunny defeated Referee Guido in the Sing of the Ring Karaoke Fighters Tournament   Hoodslam – Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody and Johnny Drinko Butabi, Music by The… Read more »


Music by The Hoodslam Band Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody (and in spirit Wonder Dave) Brittany Wonder defeated Manny Faberino after a low blow. Nurse Ratchet defeated Berkeley Brawler with “Princess Die” The Stoner Brothers Scott Rick and Rick Scott Stoner defended the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship against the teams of Calvin and Hobbes and Carmen San Diego/Where’s Waldo when… Read more »

FOLSOM STREET FAIR 9/24/17 Results

Hoodslam was thrilled to be back at Folsom Street Fair!  Thousands filled the streets to witness burlesque, wrestling, a whole lot of flesh, mostly wang, but all genders on the rainbow ever present and friendly and kinda nude.  We did three sets from noon to five, here’s our results!   All matches had Commentary and kinda music by Broseph Joe… Read more »

9/18/17 Monday Night Hoodslam Sacramento Results

Music by the Hoodslam band, Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody, drinks from District 30 Nightclub !   Zangev Darevko defeated Manny Faberino with a piledriver Virgil Flynn III defeated Scott Rick Stoner after Ken Masters interfered Ken Masters defeated Rick Scott Stoner after Zangev Darevko interfered FONG came to the ring, and stated that 10/6/17 event “Fuck The Fans 8”… Read more »

Beyond the Pale 9/10/17 SF Results

The Hoodslam Band played, including members Tiny Brian and Donkey Show and MJ Lawless for this special occasion. Commentary was done in “Commentary Roulette” style, so it changed every match.  It included: MJ Lawless and drummer Screaming Eagle Mike OShea, Berkeley Brawler and Richard Shhhnary, Johnny Drinko Butabi, Anton Voorhees, Manny Faberino, Scott Rick Stoner, Big B, Donkey Show and… Read more »

hoodslam ICONOCLAST 9/1/17 RESULTS

Broseph Joe Brody and the Hoodslam Band hosted this bodacious event at the Oakland Metro Operahouse, go watch it free on our twitch…   Stoner U Pre Show – Batmanuel defeated Shawn Michaels Allen in the Sing of the Ring Opening Round Match with “Ducktales”  (wooo woo) The Caution (caution) addressed the crowd, stating that they had to publicly let… Read more »

Shadow of the Sword 8/26/17 Knightsen Results

Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody, unplugged music by the Hoodslam band!  As usual, all winners are given an opportunity to remove the Corn Sword from the Stone.  Only the one who is successful will be noted.   The cable under the ring broke.  We went and bought a new one.  In the mean time, Freddy Yip won the first ever… Read more »

RESULTS – Monday Night Hoodslam Sacramento 8/21/17

Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody, music by the Hoodslam band: Brutal Rob Hands and Coach Joey Nuggs defeated Manny Faberino and Big B in an open challenge to defend the Best Athletes in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks SuperBeast defeated KILLMEISTER after KILLMEISTER left the ring mid match and the referee stopped the bout Zangev Darevko defeated Nurse Ratchet after… Read more »

Venus Over Mithra Results

Venus Over Mithra DNA Lounge, San Francisco California Commentary by Broseph Joe Brody and Wonder Dave, Music by the Hoodslam Band (on this night known as Fister Perfect) Anton Voorhees (w/ his partner in the CAUTION Ean Hancement) defeated Zangev Darevko after Ean Hancement interfered The CAUTION then called out Ryu of Shotokan Dojo, who alongside Ken are currently 2-2… Read more »

Hoodslam Battle Royal of Supremacy Results

August 4th, 2017 Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland California Stoner U Pre Show, Commentary by Scott Rickerson Stoner and Texas Mike O Shea, Ring Announcing by Sean Michaels Allen Super Beast defeated Steve Tresario Texas Mike O Shea defeated Doc Atrocity when the fans voted his rendition of Fat Bottom Girls better than Docs version of the Sex Pistols My Way… Read more »