HoodFighter Tournament: Non Denominational Winter Season Celebrational Festivity…of Doom (Dec 7, 2012) Results

12/7/2012 Oakland Metro 396 paid attendance Commentary team for this evening was Joseph Brody and Count Dante, the band was named Jingllllleeeee BALLS HOOD FIGHTER TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 1. Virgil Eugene Flynn III defeated Blanka 2. RYU defeated Daniel San 3. Ken defeated AKUMA 4. Scorpion defeated Johnny Cage Before the next match, the Pink Panther Party let the crowd… Read more »

November to Recollect: Hail to the Chiefer (AKA Turkey Day Fuckfest) (Nov 2, 2012) Results

November 2nd, 2012 Approximately 300 paid 1. E. Honda defeated Virgil Flynn the Third – James issued addressed the audience and his main event match with Rik Stoner, the winner of October’s Royal Rumble of Ranking Ramifications.  He went on to declare ultimate victory, and issued a challenge to Rik Scott’s estranged brother Scott Rik Stoner. 2. Drugz Bunny &… Read more »

Fuck the Fans 3: 80′s for the Ladies (Oct 5, 2012) Results

October 5th, 2012 Approx. 420 paid attendance (1) Dark Sheik successfully defended his “East Bay Express: Best Athlete Award” against The Karate Kid. (2) “Wonder Woman” Shelly Martinez beat Sexy Chino, El ChupaCabra, and Mega Man to get #30 in the Royal Rumble of Ranking Ramifications (3) Super Red Rhino 2099 beat Joe Da Soul in Doc Atrocity’s Super Red… Read more »

June to Remember AKA Tomorrow Never Gigs (June 1, 2012) Results

June 1st, 2012 Oakland Metro 630 3rd St Oakland, CA The show was not our biggest attended, but those there were truly the Hoodslam hardcore, and kept the energy HIGH the entire night! How high? In the words of E-40, “higher than giraffe koochie”. Gross. Ike Emelio Burner warmed the crowd up with his velvet voice as the Hoodslam Band… Read more »

Drinko De Mayo: Rise of the Panther (May 4, 2012) Results

Hoodslam XXI Drinko De Mayo: Rise of the Panther 5/4/2012, Oakland Metro No one brought their f’n kids Drinko de Mayo: Rise of the Panther – a show named thusly due to the Panther’s fiendish scheming garnishing him possession of the Golden Gig, and because Johnny Drinko asked about the first part. As is custom, the show started a little… Read more »

I STILL know what you did last HOODSLAM (April 6, 2012) Results

April 6th, 2012 630 3rd Street, Oakland, CA The Two year Anniversary   I STILL know what you did last HOODSLAM   The air was thick with anticipation this eve, as two years of Hoodslam all culminated into one night.  So much was on the line, the repercussions of this event sure to be felt throughout the Hoodslam world.  Ike Emelio… Read more »

Hoodslam XIX (March 2, 2012) Results

The mood was tense at the Oakland Metro, as this was the last stop before the two year anniversary and the Brock Lesnar Memorial Lethal Lottery Tag Team Tournament Battlebowl Championship.  In anticipation of the annual event, a number of lethal lottery one on one matches went down, as well as another huge chapter in what has now become the… Read more »

Ultimate Hoodslam v. CAPCOM 3: FTFate of two Worlds (January 6, 2012) Results

January 6th, Oakland Metro The show began with its usual glory and wonder. The band, Taint Thinner, played an inspiring rendition of the main theme to the film Terminator 2, as Ike Burner made his entrance whilst climbing the ladder in an awkward yet stoic fashion. He introduced us to our commentary team, the JuggalOG Kevin Gill and should be… Read more »