History Vol. 1: Helfyre, Zombie Vinny, The Sheik and Juiced Lee
Things were always rough for young Vinny. Growing up in a New Jersey orphanage, Vinny never knew his real family. Instead of parents, his role models came through the medium of television, his favorite programs being Professional Wrestling. When he became of age, he got a job, trained hard, and achieved his dream. The support of the crowd made up for his lack of family.
Vinny floundered in the independent wrestling ranks for his rookie year, showing promise, but needing guidance. At Hoodslam 0: The Prequel, Vinny finally found the guidance, and the family, he had always been looking for when he was adopted in the Butabi family. The original brothers, Johnny Drinko and Anthony Butabi, were elated; they went on a bender with their new brother that lasted all the way until Victory: Hoodslam, held April 11, 2010 at the Victory Warehouse. This is where things took a turn for the worse…

The Butabi's adopt little orphan Vinny
The Butabi’s adopt little orphan Vinny

At Victory: Hoodslam, the Butabi brothers (also known as The Knights of the Roxbury) came to the ring and issued an open challenge. It was answered by La Generica, the only female luchador in Hoodslam history at the time of this writing, and as Commentator Kevin Gill pointed out, the only luchador to also be in the donkey show. The newly dubbed Vinny Butabi defeated La Generica, and the family celebrated to their familiar music “What is love”, by Haddaway. This would be the last win any of the brothers would have for the rest of the year.

The last time the brothers were together alive
The last time the brothers were together alive

Anthony and Johnny Drinko Butabi were then challenged to a tag team match by Rasta Mysterio and Tokey the Laidback Gorilla, which they subsequently lost. The animosity between Rasta Mysterio and Johnny Drinko was strong, making it a crushing defeat, but the brothers decided to continue the party, and once again danced away to their favorite song. The repetitive nature of the tune must have angered the ever-dangerous Juiced Lee, prompting him to attack the brothers, and rip out the heart of Vinny Butabi in a show of strength to the Hoodslam crowd. After Juiced Lee made his exit, the Reverend Helfyre emerged, and stole the recently deceased corpse of Vinny Butabi.



At the next event, Hoodslam 2: The Secret of the Booze (AKA the Lost Hoodslam, held June 12, 2010) the remaining Knights of the Roxbury held a funeral for their recently adopted brother. Both had clearly taken the loss hard, and expressed their sorrow through spoken word, song, and a sharing of memories. As former ring announcer Nixxi approached to sing a song she had written in memorial, the Reverend Helfyre made his presence felt and attacked her. The angered and drunken brothers shouted insults, demanding the return of the body of their loved one. Reverend Helfyre agreed, but only upon the terms that they could defeat him and a partner of his choosing in a tag match. They agreed, and Helfyre went to the locker room to retrieve his partner.
When he returned, the Victory Warehouse was shocked to see that he was carrying the rotting lifeless corpse of Vinny. After tying his arms to the top turnbuckle to keep him from falling over, Helfyre began the match. It was an uneven battle, as the Knights had been drinking more than usual, and never win anyway. As Helfyre felt he had command, he motioned to tag in Vinny Butabi. In a revolting display, he tagged the dead body, and tossed it into the ring. Then things got even weirder.
The lifeless body began to gain movement…it even began to dance the trademark dance of his brothers for a brief, nostalgic moment. But it was quickly dashed, as Vinny turned on his family, and attacked them savagely. Helfyre gained control of his monster, and finished the match himself, stopping the beast from seriously injuring or even killing his former adopted family. It was clear that the Reverend had a plan, and was not just unleashing his pet wildly.

The awakening of Zombie Vinny Butabi
The awakening of Zombie Vinny Butabi

Later in the same evening, after a match between Sheik Khan Abadi and Christina Von Eerie, Helfyre and his new Zombie Vinny Butabi rushed the ring and attacked the Sheik as he was in mid assault of Christina. After biting the Sheik on the shoulder, he fought, but quickly faded, and Zombie Vinny and Reverend Helfyre carried the lifeless body away. His army grew larger.
Even later that same evening, Juiced Lee, the most devastating force within Hoodslam, was on his way to defeating his 5th opponent that night, as part of an open invitational he had issued to all challengers. Reverend Helfyre entered Zombie Vinny and Zombie Sheik, and after thrashing Juiced Lee’s previous opponent to a bloody mess, turned their attention Lee himself. In a shocking and unheard of turn of events, Juiced Lee ran from the Zombie legion. It was a dark time for Hoodslam.
At the next event, Super Hoodslam II Turbo: Championship Edition (held 8/24/2010) Reverend Helfyre signed his team up for a tag match against any opponents. The opponents who stepped up were Hoodslam Icon Rasta Mysterio, and the last person to defeat Sheik Khan, Christina Von Eerie. However, just before the show, Christina Von Eerie pulled out of the match, and has never been seen in Hoodslam since.

The insane ramblings of Reverend Helfyre
The insane ramblings of Reverend Helfyre

Even more curious, the Reverend Helfyre went on a clearly drunken rant before the show, showing signs of mental instability. The line between insanity and genius had apparently been crossed, and this master of science and medicine had reached a dark place. Rasta went into the match on his own, and took on just Zombie Sheik at first, but it became clear that Zombie Vinny and Reverend Helfyre were not going to stand by politely during the match. Even with the three on one handicap, Rasta was able to overcome the odds and leave with his life. During the mayhem, he powerbombed the Zombie Sheik through a table on the floor. The Zombie Sheik’s head hit both the wall and the concrete during the impact, and his lifeless body became completely lifeless, ceasing to move for the first time since he died. Reverend Helfyre and Zombie Vinny once again carried the dead corpse of Sheik Khan Abadi away, but with a Zombie down and an unstable leader, the dark trio was in questionable shape.

Zombie Sheik dies the for the second time
Zombie Sheik dies the for the second time


Over the next few months, Zombie Vinny would go on a rampage throughout Hoodslam on his own. Without the leadership of Reverend Helfyre, the loose animal was fueled only by hunger, anger, and a longing to dance to shitty techno dance music. He attacked Referee Scooter Anderson on his first day out of Referee Academy, ripping his intestines out and stringing them across the ring. He would then go on to rip the arm off a fan during a match. Later he would play a part in the final demise of the Head of the D.E.A., much to the delight of the audience. His allegiance was unsure, his motivation indiscernible, but his actions always seemed to center around one man: Juiced Lee.

Juiced Lee
Juiced Lee

Perhaps some of Zombie Vinny Butabi’s memory remained intact, for as well as dancing and wrestling, his third passion was to hunt the mostly silent warrior. He followed him around for months, with the usual transpiring: Juiced Lee running from a fight. Juiced Lee eventually left Hoodslam for a period of time, all in an attempt to face the monster he had played such a crucial hand in creating.

Zombie Vinny would hunt Juiced Lee aggressively
Zombie Vinny would hunt Juiced Lee aggressively

At the Street Fighter tournament, held at Hoodslam 2 FOURTH STRIKE: Tournament Edition 3d (12/18/2010), Juiced Lee had already made his triumphant return and entered as a savior of Hoodslam. Facing insurmountable odds, Juiced Lee some how did the impossible, defeating Santa Clause, E. Honda, Guile, AND Sheng Long all in the same night, winning the tournament, and eliminating CAPCOM from Oakland, putting an end to the CAPCOM WARS. As his hand was raised, and the dead body of Sheng Long lay before him, Zombie Vinny made his appearance. He came at the weary Juiced Lee, but gaining confidence from his string of victories, Juiced Lee took on Zombie Vinny head on, and delivered a brain buster to Vinny onto the body of Sheng Long. He had overcame his fear, and stood tall to end the year as the force in Hoodslam.

You must brain buster a Zombie onto Sheng Long to stand a chance
You must brain buster a Zombie onto Sheng Long to stand a chance

On April 10, 2011, Hoodslam held its’ one year anniversary event, I Know What You Did Last Hoodslam. At the event, a Lethal Lottery Tournament was held, with Zombie Vinny Butabi in as an entrant. His match was unfavorable to a Zombie though, as his tag partner was the mechanic Mega Man, invulnerable to his attacks. One of his opponents was the mythical Mexican Werewolf, El Chupacabra, also beyond susceptibility to his zombie curse. The lone human opponent was the debuting Kassy Summers. When Zombie Vinny finally found himself alone and in an advantageous position to the mortal Kassy Summers, Juiced Lee flipped the script and emerged to attack Vinny, laying him out with a brain buster again, and giving Kassy Summers the victory. It was clear that the battle wounds were still fresh.

Juiced Lee comes to the aid of Kassy Summers
Juiced Lee comes to the aid of Kassy Summers

After the match, Juiced Lee went to the aid of Kassy Summers, who shunned his help. Clearly being angry at the presence of Lee, Kassy made it evident that she felt she and Chupacabra could handle themselves, and struck Juiced Lee with a slap to the face. Juiced Lee grabbed her by the hair and struck a familiar stance; the body language of his signature heart rip. However, he hesitated, and released the distressed Summers, and went into a position of self-dispute within himself. Juiced Lee had some thinking to do.
That same evening, there was a strange occurrence, even for Hoodslam. The Reverend Helfyre made his return after an eight month absence, and he had a message for a certain Hoodslammer; Lucha Magnifico. The time frames for debut and disappearance of Lucha Magnifico and Reverend Helfyre barely overlap in August, yet the two seemed to know each other very well. Helfyre spoke of the return of “him”. “He is coming” were the cryptic words that rang throughout the night, but there was more to the story. Apparently, Lucha had sought out the expertise of Reverend Helfyre in the hopes of bringing someone back from the dead. However, Lucha had changed his mind and called off the deal. Reverend Helfyre went through with it anyway, a statement that clearly sent a chill down the spine of Lucha Magnifico. Before any answers could be given, Lucha’s opponent in the Lethal Lottery Tournament was announced, and Juiced Lee made his way to the ring. Despite both being fan favorites, and the two having no interactions in Hoodslam history, it was clear the Lucha had ill will towards Juiced.

Helfyre tells Lucha that HE is coming back
Helfyre tells Lucha that HE is coming back

In the end, Juiced Lee had found himself over an injured Lucha Magnifico, again ready to administer his feared heart rip. But again he hesitated. Some suggest that his “free pass” to Kassy Summers made him second guess with Lucha Magnifico. Others think that the constant attacks from Zombie Vinny Butabi made him aware of the consequences of his actions. Whatever it was, Lucha Magnifico used his legendary speed to take advantage of the situation, and quickly pinned the surprised Juiced Lee to give him his first loss to anyone, ever.
A rematch was set, scheduled for 5/20/2011, H2 JUDGEMENT DAY: COUNTDOWN TO BOTCHAGEDDON. Lucha Magnifico would go one on one with Juiced Lee in a battle of the high flying Hoodslam favorites, a day before the supposed end of the world. The stage was set. As both combatants circled the ring, Reverend Helfyre again rushed the ring with a message for Lucha Magnifico. He stated that “He is coming back” again, but divulged more information. He let the crowd know that his return was imminent, and that it would be ever changing. Helfyre praised the teaching ways of the mysterious man, saying that through HIS help he was changed from drunken rambling mad man into a person of focus. Helfyre then said that Lucha also knew what a great teacher he was, as HE was the man who trained Lucha Magnifico to wrestle. This information seemed to be something that Lucha had wanted to keep secret, as next to nothing is known of the personal life of the man behind the mask. Before leaving, Helfyre told Lucha that HE would be watching this match, and Lucha knew why.
Lucha seemed distressed, confused, irritated, but above all motivated. The words of Reverend Helfyre had hit home. Lucha became enamored by his distinct black armband. Research shows it’s the same one he had worn every previous Hoodslam match. He and Juiced Lee battled it out, but the outcome was never in doubt. Despite his speed and agility, he was no match to the force that is Juiced Lee. The martial arts master convincingly dispatched of the Luchador, redeeming his loss the month before. After the match, Juiced Lee extended his hand in friendship to Lucha, but the show of respect was not reciprocated, and Lucha left the confused Juiced Lee alone in the ring with more questions than answers.

Juiced Lee delivers a brain buster to Lucha Magnifico
Juiced Lee delivers a brain buster to Lucha Magnifico
The memorial armband was more important to Lucha than the handshake
The memorial armband was more important to Lucha than the handshake

That same night, Zombie Vinny Butabi was set to take on El Chupacabra one on one in the main event. The two fought a true war of the monsters, but in the end, El Chupacabra was able to defeat the undead wrestler. Before the animal could celebrate his hard earned win, Reverend Helfyre appeared from nowhere, attacking El Chupacabra, which escalated into a two on one assault with the aid of Zombie Vinny. But Juiced Lee, being the ever present savior of Hoodslam, came to the aid of El Chupacabra, and the two fought back the reunited unholy duo. It was here that HE finally returned…

The Sheik comes back from the dead...again
The Sheik comes back from the dead…again

Sheik Khan Abadi, now twice dead, came back to Hoodslam and rushed the ring, attacking Juiced Lee and Chupacabra, and siding with Reverend Helfyre and Zombie Vinny. The three brutally beat down the unfortunate outnumbered, and stood tall at the finale of the show, ushering in a new era for Hoodslam…

Sheik and Zombie Vinny attack Juiced Lee
Sheik and Zombie Vinny attack Juiced Lee

Some questions were answered: It’s clear now that Lucha had heard of Reverend Helfyre’s reanimating abilities, and had inquired about the revival of the Sheik. The Sheik subsequently got into the mind of Helfyre, bringing a “focus” to him that makes him an even scarier individual than before. It is these same teachings that Helfyre alluded to when he revealed that Lucha Magnifico was trained by the Sheik. But his raises even more questions: how is it the Hispanic Luchador was trained by the middle eastern Sheik? How is it that Reverend Helfyre was able to revive a body twice dead? And now that he has, what exactly is the Sheik? He’s doesn’t have the tendencies of his predecessor Zombie Vinny Butabi, but he certainly doesn’t seem alive either….


A deadly alliance
A deadly alliance

Answers will come, but what will be the consequences of these revelations for Hoodslam?

History Vol. 2: Johnny Drinko Butabi
Johnny Drinko Butabi

Johnny Drinko Butabi

Johnny Butabi is one half of the 2nd best tag team in all of Nor Cal, The Knights of the Roxbury (as voted on by the fans, ftf). He and his brother Anthony, AKA Riv, have blazed a path of destruction through Hoodslam like no other team. Granted they have never won a match…but still. Johnny is well known for his constant drinking, (even in the ring) his conquest of women, and the madness that he speaks on the microphone at Hoodslam. He is one of the craziest wrestlers of all time…and is usually shocked by his own actions when he hears about them the next day…His hatred for Rasta Mysterio is only matched by his hatred for the fans, and last call.

At Hoodslam 0: The Prequel in February of 2010, the Butabi brothers had the most historic month of their lives at the time. After a crushing defeat, the brothers found redemption in the fact that they were able to adopt a new brother into their family. Their adopted brother Vinny was welcomed into the family, and all rejoiced. During the celebration, Rasta Mysterio and the rest of the Hoodslam locker room came to the ring to celebrate, and well….we all know what happened next, and we don’t need to go there…These tragic events led Johnny to dive into a bottle of Ancient Age Whiskey, of which he only crawls out of on occassion (usually to drink a different type of liquor).

Johnny with the then alive Vinny, after adopting him into the family.

After the tragic events at Hoodslam 0: The Prequel, the obvious solution was to book a tag team match pitting The Knights against Rasta Mysterio and Tokey the Laid Back Gorilla at Victory: Hoodslam on April 11th 2010. After a brutal and business changing match, The Knights were defeated. To make matters worse, after the match the Butabis were attacked by Juiced Lee, and during the attack, Juice ripped out the heart of newly adopted brother Vinny! To make matters even worser, Helfyre came to the ring and stole Vinny’s lifeless body and took it away. The brothers were devastated, but knew one thing had to be done before all else…
At Hoodslam II: The Secret of the Booze, the brothers held a funeral for their dead brother. Johnny sang “Dust in the Wind” and even paid tribute to Vinny’s former girlfriend Mandy. Many were near the point of tears, but Reverend Helfyre interrupted and told the brothers that if they wanted to truly have a funeral then they would need their brother’s body. He offered to return the body if the Knights could defeat him and a partner in a tag team match. The brothers accepted, and then wound up facing Helfyre, with the corpse of their adopted brother as a partner! Naturally, the Knights of the Roxbury lost. But Vinny’s body returned to life in the form of Zombie Vinny Butabi! It seemed that the next show the brothers would be ready to even the score, but instead, Johnny kinda wandered off and did other stuff…like try to attack Rasta Mysterio during his match, but get clotheslined.

Drinko before the funeral at Hoodslam II: Secret of the Booze

At Super Hoodslam II Turbo: Championship Edition, Street Fighter legend Ryu entered the Victory Warehouse and called out the whole Hoodslam locker room. The Knights of the Roxbury answered the call, and naturally, Riv got his ass kicked. But Johnny smashed a bottle over the head of Ryu and it seemed that the Knights could end the Capcom invasion before it started. Johnny was on top of the world, and seemed unbeatable, but then he challenged the Paramedic who attended to the injured Ryu to a match, pissed off that he would try to help an invader. Johnny would go on to lose this match to a paramedic who was untrained in wrestling, however it must be noted that he over drank during the match, leaving himself open to a stunner for the pinfall. Post-match, the paramedic had to pump the stomach of Johnny “Drinko,” which pissed him off and caused him to clear the ring, even attacking his brother Anthony! With the ring empty, Johnny did the unthinkable, and redrank the alcoholic contents that were medically removed from his stomach. The crowd cheered but were immediately disgusted, and confused, but Johnny and Anthony weren’t done for this night…

The stunner he didn’t sell, but the alcohol he did

The fans chanted “chug”, but once he did became immediately silent

Not only would “Drinko” try to attack Rasta Mysterio during his match, but get clotheslined, but The Knights would return to the ring later in the evening and challenge Ryu to a 2 on 1 match. Ryu was not alone this time, and brought Balrog and Sagat with him! The Knights were massacred, but this match is historic for being the match at Hoodslam in which the phrase “This is Real” was coined by “The Voice of Hoodslam” Kevin Gill.

The Street Fighters and DEA had taken over Hoodslam at Super Hoodslam II Turbo: Championship Edition, and as part of an agreement, they now had full control of the next show, which took place on 10/10/10 and was named Hoodslam vs Capcom 2: Fuck the Fans Alpha, by the evil invaders. Capcom forced the Knights to face off with Sagat, Balrog and Ryu once more, this time teaming with a badly injured Lucha Magnifico also. The Knights, again were massacred, and Anthony bled profusely. Fortunately his wounds would heal before the main event that was made by the evil Capcom group. It would be “Drinko” and Otis the Gimp vs Anthony Butabi and Rasta Mysterio. The match only got going for a few minutes, but Banana ran out and told the guys they should all join forces and take control of Hoodslam! Johnny refused, as he would never (eveeer) team with Rasta Mysterio. He ran off, with Riv following after he wandered around the ring for a minute longer, and left Hoodslam high and dry. Fortunately, Juiced Lee and Mega Man helped Team Hoodslam defeat Capcom in their absence!


A the final show of 2010,Hoodslam 2 Fourth Strike: Tournament Edition 3D, finally a historic one on one match between Rasta and “Drinko” took place! However it was in a tournament, and earlier in the night, The Knights were in a four corners tag match, in which they would go on to lose. It appeared that Johnny was injured during this match also. Despite this, “Drinko” would face Rasta in the first round of the Street Fighter Tournament. Rasta would win, but Johnny would use a chloroform rag to smother Rasta, and take him out for the remainder of the tournament, insuring that Rasta would not have a chance to be Street Fighter Champion!

Match of the year candidate

The first show of 2011, Hoodslam FML: This is Real (a love story) saw Johnny “Drinko” continue his war with Rasta Mysterio. The Knights beat up Rasta with a stuffed horse, and then shared some thoughts with the crowd. Basically Anthony was starting to fall in love with some chick, and wanted to try to date her…but Johnny already banged her out with very little effort after the December show. Riv was pissed, and the Butabis actually fought each other! In an exceptionally brutal match that saw Anthony busted open, “Drinko” looked to get the win using a bad of Doritos as a weapon. But Rasta Mysterio entered the ring and DDTed Johnny into the chips, giving Anthony the opening he needed to get the pin on his big brother! Johnny was ashamed that he actually put Riv over, and vowed revenge…

The Knights of the Roxbury attack Rasta with Butternuts

Later in the evening, Rasta Mysterio challenged Juiced Lee for the right to prove that he could have been Street Fighter Champion. Johnny tried to attack Rasta Mysterio during this match, but got clotheslined. But this time it paid off, as Juiced Lee used the distraction to KO Rasta and get the win.

After the match, Johnny put the boots to Rasta and challenged him to a match on April 8th, 2011, at the Hoodslam 1 Year Anniversary: I Know What You Did Last Hoodslam, to a Mask vs Career Match. Johnny has still never won a match at Hoodslam, and Rasta only lost once, due to interference from Johnny.
Johnny showed up to his Mask vs Career match with Rasta Mysterio entirely too drunk to compete. Fortunately, in this era of wrestling, showing up to main event matches where you are highly advertised on, totally fucked up is typical. Rasta was able to dispatch of Drinko quickly, using an inverted DDT, pinning Drinko, and ending his career in about 1 minute.. After the match, Drinko addressed the crowd, quickly using the opportunity to talk shit about Marc Mero and exchange profanity with Hoodslam guest Comedian Caitlin Gil. Soon the words got so intense that Gill entered the ring, and a match was on, despite the fact that Drinko had just retired minutes earlier! Johnny would end up losing to Caitlin in about a minute, falling to a mighty chokeslam (not a powerbomb) that was more deadly than the one that Maynard Skynard delivers, In fact, it would knock Maynard Skynard on his ass. Johnny lost, but quickly pointed out that he was retired, so the match didn’t count.

Later in the show, The Jeff Hardy Memorial Tournament was set to finish, as a 10 person Battle Royal took place. The final four were Otis the Gimp, and the Villano Crime Family (minus Super Red Rhino 2099). At this point, Lucha Magnifico made his way to the ring, using a crutch, as he was injured earlier in the night. He gave Otis the crutch, and Otis was able to clear the ring of the Villano Crime Family, winning the match. Lucha celebrated with him, but Lucha was also entered in the Battle Royal, and he turned on Otis and dumped him over the top rope, winning the match himself! The Villano Crime Family re-entered the ring, and attacked Lucha, and during the madness, Lucha’s mask was ripped from his head, revealing that it was Johnny Drinko! Drinko won the Jeff Hardy Memorial, meaning he can wrestle anyone, at anytime, at any Hoodslam…in other words, Johnny Drinko was back out of retirement, if only for one match! The ball was in his court now, even if only temporarily.  As he held the trophy high above his head, his brother Anthony Butabi greeted him, and the brothers embraced in an all forgiving hug.

Drinko, disguised as Lucha Magnifico, would go on the win the tournament, and the one-time right to fight anyone and at any Hoodslam, despite being retired

At the May event, H2 JUDGEMENT DAY:  Countdown to Botchageddon, Johnny Drinko was not allowed into regular competition.  He was, however, given time to announce whether or not he would choose to use his Battlebowl Championship right to wrestle one more match.  The crowd awaited his presence all night, but it wasn’t until the event was almost over that he made his presence felt.  His brother Anthony, now months into a relationship with Mathea, had asked for her hand in marriage.  Before she could answer, Drinko made his entrance, and berated the two, as well as Marc Mero and Caitlin Gill, for reasons never really made clear.  Drinko assured his brother that she was a slut, and that he knew from personal experience (as made clear in February).  Anthony carried on anyway, and invited Drinko to be his best man.  He reluctantly agreed, stating that since he was already her best man, he might as well be his too.

When will Drinko cash in his last match?

Johnny Drinko is still in possession of one more match in Hoodslam, but he appears to be biding his time.  He knows that his days are numbered once he cashes in, but he can not fight until he does.  A bittersweet future awaits Johnny Drinko, but even when he does cash in, will he finally win a match?

History Vol. 3: The CAPCOM Wars Pt. 1

In August 2010, Hoodslam held their third event. After the lackluster happenings of Hoodslam II: Secret of the Booze (AKA The Lost Hoodslam), the event was rightly named Super Hoodslam II Turbo: Championship Edition. The intention being that this event would go above and beyond everything the original Hoodslam II was.

During an early segment of the show, Villano 510 entered the ring and cut a promo on his waiting opponent, the debuting Lucha Magnifico. They had fought countless times, and this was to be their ultimate battle. The match never happened, as RYU of Street Fighter entered the ring, and devestatingly attacked Villano 510, leaving him with a heart injury he would later pass away from in the locker room (Villano 420 would take his place that night, and remain a force in Hoodslam ever since). This was the first shot fired by CAPCOM.

RYU would then introduce CAMMY, BALROG and SAGAT into Hoodslam. The group, along with the DEA and the guidance of SHENG LONG would go on and win the first ever Battle Royal of Supremacy, and created the first ever FTF event that October. Hoodslam would rally that evening; Juiced Lee removed the good eye of SAGAT, Mega Man joined the Hoodslam team against the villainous CAPCOMers, and through the efforts of many, Hoodslam won the 5 on 5 main event elimination match. That December, the Street Fighters wanted to make a statement, so they brought the tournament to Oakland.

Hoodslam came ready. Juiced Lee, Rasta Mysterio, Lucha Magnifico, and the wise and all knowing Banana stepped forward to represent Hoodslam. CAPCOM had RYU, BALROG, E.Honda, and SHENG LONG left on their side. Ryu and Balrog, perhaps intimidated, did not show to the tournament, and were never seen in Hoodslam again. GUILE and SANTA CLAUSE took their place, and the tournament was on.

After defeating Santa Clause, battling it out with E. Honda, and having a war with Guile, JUICED LEE was the winner of the finals. At that moment, SHENG LONG attempted to challenge him, but had two hearts removed from his body, and JUICED LEE was the official Street Fighter Tournament Champion for 2011. The Street Fighters left, with the exception of E.Honda and Cammy, who continued on as Hoodslam competitors.

All was quiet, until Nov 4th, Thanksgigging Beatings: The Man with the Golden Gig.

During a six way elimination match to determine a number one contender for Johnny Drinko’s Golden Gig Championship, there was a happening. The last three competitors were Juiced Lee, DARK Sheik, and Matt Travolta. It seemed that Juiced Lee was turning the tide against both opponents when ZANGIEF and BLANKA hit the ring, and attacked Juiced Lee and DARK Sheik, who were in the ring. Mega Man, Cammy, and the wise and all knowing Banana came to the ring to fight off the attackers, and Matt Travolta gathered himself to the join the fray.

Then, it hit. Matt Travolta, Mega Man, and Cammy all turned on the Banana, and joined with the Street Fighters in their assault. Matt Travolta removed his vest, put on his Gi, and donned the red head band. And in a moment, all became clear. The attack continued, and the CAPCOM Alliance had been reborn.

The Hoodslammers tried to rally. Otis the Gimp, Lucha Magnifico, and the now estranged Stoner Brother and Hoodslam Blood King Scott Rick stood up to the invaders. E. Honda tried to join the Hoodslam team, but he was not trusted. The CAPCOM Alliance took this moment to strike. Even the help of Pooh Jack was not enough. When things looked their bleakest, E. Honda re entered the ring and attacked all of CAPCOM, leaving the entire team weakened for the first time. But then after some words with his would be Hoodslam partners he left, apparently too hurt by the distrust to continue. CAPCOM took advantage, and the Hoodslam team was defeated.

Later at the 2011 Street Fighter Tournament. Hoodslam and CAPCOM would select four members each to compete in a one night single elimination tournament to crown the NEW Street Fighter Champion. Ryu would emerge victorious and having earned the right to challenge for the Golden Gig by becoming the Street Fighter Tournament Champion, would take on Johnny Drinko Butabi, the champion of Hoodslam. Drinko has never actually beaten an opponent by pinfall or submission, and his only wins at Hoodslam come from battle royal style matches or by referee’s decision. However, he mustered the full multitude of his savvy, and proved why he wears the headband of intelligence. These two fought across the building as well, and even the Oakland Metro could not hold the fury of this bout! The two battled back to the ring, and referee El Sparko, the victim of accidental contact, was left incapacitated. Zangief took this time to interfere behind the referee’s back, despite that their are no real rules in Hoodslam. He delivered a dome crushing piledriver to Drinko, and all hope was lost, but then Anthony Butabi emerged from the locker room and crowd gave him a lionus roar of approval! He laid waste to Zangief, and began to help his brother back to his feet, but Cammey ran into the ring and punched him in the dick. The three street fighters began to attack Drinko once more, but then POOH JACK, with his honeypot full of weapons, fucked shit up. He and Zangief, who hates bears, brawled to the backstage area, and once more we were left with RYU and Drinko, face to face. The two charged, exchanged a flurry of offense, and Drinko got the advantage, holding RYU down for the pin! But then Pink Panther, the Official Senior Official, did that thing he did, and RYU became the Golden Gig Champion of Hoodslam.

FAQ the Fans

“This is as Oakland as it gets.”– Uptownalmanac.com

“Seriously, loved watching this.”– Maffew of Botchamania (via youtube comment)

“Kenderick would nut on this” – Paul London

“Badass wrestling moves, a gritty evening in an Oakland warehouse full of hoot & holler” – www.funcheapsf.com

The full truth behind Hoodslam is too brutal for the human spirit to comprehend.  But we will try our best to answer what we can within the limitations of human language.

Are you backyarders?

No.  We are all trained wrestlers.  Everyone in Hoodslam went to one of the many training facilities located throughout the country, and perform at independent wrestling shows on a regular basis.  We are professionals on drugs, and we encourage you to try this at home.

Why all the crazy stuff?  Do you hate wrestling?

Yes.  It’s pretty boring.  But the sport isn’t dead, it’s just in a creative stand still.  We hope that through Hoodslam we can inspire the rest not to suck as much.  If we can be entertaining hammered, we can only hope that you can keep up with us when you’re sober.

Is it fake?

No.  Sheik died twice.  Vinny really is the zombie adopted brother of Johnny and Anthony Butabi.  Charlie Chaplin IS there, you just have to believe to be able to see him.  This shit is real.

Do you get hurt?

Yes, but such is the occupational hazard that makes us all awesome human beings.  You’re welcome.

What’s the Victory Warehouse?

It’s the original home of Hoodslam, and was the only venue for the first 8 shows from April 2010 to May 2011.  The shows were free for the first year, and then we got greedy in February 2011.  It was pretty awesome.

Why did you leave?

They made us.  Nothing personal, but they stopped having shows.  Luckily, that’s about the same time we started with the Oakland Metro.  All things happen for a reason!

What’s up with FTF?

It stands for Fuck the Fans, and can be heard throughout every Hoodslam event.  Is it due to hate?  For some wrestlers. Others want to literally fuck the fans.  There’s a few who say it because they love competition, and will perform for thousands or none, attendance be damned.  It means different things for different people, but in the end they all add up to good old fashioned sexy entertainment.

How do I get involved?

If you’re talking about wrestling in the ring, you probably can’t.  But if you are a trained wrestler, or have a skill you think would make a great intermission performance, you can e-mail hoodslam@gmail.com.  We’d also love to hear from anyone that thinks they can help in any other aspect of this crazy show business, so feel free to message away!

You didn’t answer my question; where do i submit it?

hoodslam@gmail.com , a place to submit more to this page, and also ask romantic advice or spiritual guidance.  I know all and see all, and judge not.  come hither