Johnny Drinko Butabi

386302_427140563989638_225137893_nHeight: 5’11”
Weight: 200lbs
Hometown: The Sunset Strip
Theme: This is your night -Amber
Fun Fact: once had a three way with two women, and transferred an STD from one woman, to the other, without contracting it himself
Accolades: Jeff Hardy Memorial Lethal Lottery Champion 2010, First ever Golden Gig Champion
Signature Maneuvers: Nerve Hold, Stunner, Overbid
Another Fun Fact: In two years of Hoodslam, never pinned an opponent.

Johnny Drinko Butabi, along with his brothers Anthony and Vinny, has been a part of Hoodslam since the beginning.  After losing his brother, he became focused on his feud with Rasta Mysterio.  The two had been at war with each other since Hoodslam 0: The Prequel.

The two would interfere in each others matches constantly, always being a mirror thorn in each others mirrored sides.  It built to the main event of the first anniversary show, I know what you did last HOODSLAM, in a Mask v. Career Match.  Drinko came to the ring much to intoxicated, and was defeated in under a minute, forced into retirement.

Later that same night, Drinko would disguise himself as the injured Lucha Magnifico and enter the Lethal Lottery Battle Royal.  Lucha had qualified earlier in the evening, but had been injured by the Villano Crime Family to the extent that he could not perform.  Drinko ended up winning the contest, and was awarded the prize of any match, with any Hoodslammer, at any event.  Despite being retired earlier in the show, he was guaranteed one more match.

Many speculated what Johnny Drinko would do with his last match.  Drinko was in now rush, though, and bided his time.  Most assumed that he would use his prize to destroy his nemesis Rasta Mysterio at his weakest moment.  Drinko would attack and taunt the masked Jamaican Luchador, but would never cash in on his prize.

After being revealed as a potential father of the pregnant Mathea II, he agreed to fight his brother Anthony, the husband of Mathea II, in a match where the loser would admit custody.  This would not be a match, as Drinko was retired, but nobody can keep brothers from fighting, and it took place at Boyz in the Hoodslam.  In the end, Rasta Mysterio came out to defend the pregnant Mathea II for a third time.  Drinko decided what many had presumed: that Rasta believed that he was the father of Mathea II’s baby.  Drinko forfeited the match, and assumed custody of the unborn child of his brother’s wife that Rasta fathered, swearing to raise it to hate Rasta Mysterio.  The luchador was heart broken.

At Fuck the Fans 2: Night of the Living Sheik, DARK Sheik was in control of the event after winning the Battle Royal of Supremacy in August.  As revenge on Rasta, who killed DARK Sheik the second time before his final resurrection, Sheik booked a match with the retired Drinko v. Rasta, Life v. Baby.  If Rasta won, Drinko would die.  If Drinko won, he would retain custody of Rasta’s unborn baby.  During the match, Mathea II went into labor, and the baby was revealed to be Zombie Vinny’s after being born, making the whole thing a moot point.  Later that night, a 30 man Royal Rumble was held to crown the first Golden Gig champion.  Drinko used his Lethal Lottery prize to enter as the 31st entrant, and won the Golden Gig.

Hoodslam needed their champion, and negotiations were made to revoke the retirement of Drinko permanently, under the pretense that he would defend the championship.  Both sides agreed, and Drinko was brought back to the active roster.  He would eventually lose the Gig to RYU, after foul play by the Official Senior Official Pink Panther.  Since then, he has found himself in a feud with his brother Anthony, and a renewed quest back to the top of Hoodslam.

Drinko’s quest to the top of Hoodslam was detoured, when he found himself in a rivalry against someone that few ever thought they would see him fight, Mega Man. Cammy had claimed that her and Drinko were an item, which infuriated Mega Man, as he had a crush on Cammy. Mega Man’s jealousy would cause him to attack Drinko on multiple occasions, costing him matches, and even a shot at the Golden Gig. Finally, an “End of an Era” match was booked for July of 2012. Drinko showed up in the best shape of his life, shedding roughly 50 pounds for the match. Drinko was victorious, in what had to be considered an upset against the video game icon. After the match, Cammy admitted that she was never dating Drinko, making the last 4 months of storylines pointless.

In September, Drinko would reunite (again) with his brother Anthony. As a tag team, they were perennial losers who had never, ever won a match. However, in the last year, both brothers have claimed the Golden Gig, and have amassed respectable win/lose records. Since reuniting, the brothers are 2-0 in tag matches. No longer just midcard jokers, the Knights of the Roxbury look to be a force to be reckoned with as Hoodslam moves forward into 2013, and they plan on leaving a trail of unpaid bar tabs, ring rats and blunt wraps in their wake.